Writing a paper is a tough job that requires a lot of skills, experience, and time. A good paper also requires dedication. A person has to commit to the research topic, own analysis, a proper research question, and, of course, grammar, style, and overall look and organization of the paper.

Often it is not so much about poor research on the topic but poor implementation of that research into writing. It is not enough to understand the topic well. Your professor expects you to explain your topic well enough for everyone else to understand it. This already requires a lot of skills, passion, and writing experience.

Though nothing is as important in the paper as its ending. An effective conclusion can be half of your grade. It can do justice to your entire work. Though, of course, there are many rules you have to consider while writing your conclusion. Hopefully, this guide will help you.

Don’t repeat everything you just wrote

Don’t simply repeat everything you have said in the paper. Many people do the mistake where they just repeat the general theme of the paper in their conclusions. It is wrong. You do need to acknowledge the fact is that you have discovered in your work. Though you have to do it wisely. When writing a conclusion try to underline the main ideas and discoveries that you have mentioned in the paper. The conclusion should be made up only from the precise facts and answered research questions.

Offer some recommendations

Now, the type of your paper very much dictates on how to end an essay. Though most essay does suggest having some sort of recommendations in your conclusion. Since you spend all this time reflecting on one topic you have definitely developed some personal thoughts, solutions, or better ways to approach things you are writing about.

This is your time to express all those reflections. Your conclusion is the palace where you can explain what you see best for the given situation or problem. Your recommendations demonstrate your interest in the chosen topic and your knowledge of the issue, so try to make them useful and detailed.

Adding a useful reference is also a good way to support your statement and earn more trust. In that way, you will show that the topic of your work is interesting for you and you searched and read information from additional resources.

Know what you are writing about

There is one thing that can be neglected when it comes to writing your essay conclusion. It is the level of your knowledge on the topic. One thing is to read up a few articles on the topic that you have never been interested in before in your life.

Sure you can write something about it but whether it is good enough is a different question. Another thing is to be confident about the issues you are writing about. To be well educated about the topic of your paper help you to navigate it better.

It gives you more confidence in expressing your opinion or giving recommendations when they are needed. It also makes your conclusion more passionate and reasonable. You show that you are invested in this topic and feel important to share this knowledge of yours with others.

Provide some space for further research

Often your paper does not find direct solutions to the issues you were writing about. That’s okay. That’s where you need to write a conclusion which states what further areas of research are needed. It shows that you have researched the topic well enough to see where it has blood spots. It also shows that you are engaged in your writing since you encourage further research; thus you are willing to learn more about it.

Don’t be afraid to seem provocative

Conclusions can be fun. Don’t forget about that! One of the best ways to make it fun is to add some provocative thoughts, citations, or questions in your conclusion. Keep your readers hooked till the very end! Leave them with a daring question to ponder about. Finish up with the call for urgent actions and suggest possible consequences if nothing is changed.

End the paper with a warning. Urge your readers to seek a better solution for the described situation. In other words, don’t be afraid to experiment and engage your readers. If you are having fun writing the assignment it is already the right way to have the best conclusion format for your paper.

Bonus tip

You already know that you should write your conclusion last. What we would recommend is to write your introduction only after you finish the body of the paper. This way you write the two most important parts of your assignment last. The introduction sets the main question while the conclusion answers it.

Hence, you can use an introduction as a map for your conclusion, referring to the thesis statement set in the beginning. Also, try to proofread your paper before writing a conclusion. By doing this you can edit the paper while recalling the most important parts of the finished research.


In the end, the best piece of advice we can give you is to be interested in what you are writing. As long as the topic of your essay is interesting and engaging to you it will be so to your readers. Once you feel confident about your paper, its topic, the research you have made to write it, you will have no problem writing a good and effective assignment conclusion.

The truth is, good writing requires one thing above everything else. This thing is passion. You can always develop and learn more useful skills along the way, but you can’t borrow passion from any writing guide. So pick a topic you feel passionate about and go ahead!


Susan Wallace is a freelance writer and self-published author. Susan is interested in political science and, in particular, East Asian foreign policy. But Susan’s true passion is writing science fiction. You can also always find her at the sci-fi movie nights at her local cinema.