The high-tech world is moving at a rapid speed, and you should too move with it. In your IT business setup, you may reach a point you need to get specified skilled personnel to perform a particular task, or even you may need a larger team of workers. The strategy used to get such workers is what is called staff augmentation. You simply get an outsourcing company that has access to a group of specialists you need and hire the company will get you the right workers.

The purpose of staff augmentation is to solve technical issues that require experts in the IT field, such as developers or coders. However, before going into staff augmentation ideas, you must outline the needs of your business, the timing, and the costs involved. Two major companies that benefit from staff augmentation strategy are software engineering companies and product development companies.

Product development can be a mobile app, a website, or other IT related products. In this case, there are specified tools and technologies to be used to get the best results. Some of your in-house experts might not have adequate knowledge of some tasks. As a result, you end up searching for other qualified personnel through staff augmentation.

Situations where staff augmentation is highly needed

There is some situation where you can find yourself in a fix, and the only option at hand is staff augmentation. Such situations include:

When the project is undergoing optimization– When expenses are in excess, you can minimize the costs of the project by augmenting your team. When you outsource some remote workers to handle specific tasks, you reduce the costs drastically. Ukraine is the best option since they are cost-effective with excellent results.

When the project is growing faster- This can happen when the number of clients keeps growing, or existing clients keep adding new features. In this case, you can’t turn down new clients; after all, your goal is to grow your business. In such a situation, the only existing solution is staff augmentation. Get more experts and keep your business growing.

When the project requires given skilled personnel- Sometimes there are new technologies and skills that you need to introduce. However, your team of workers has no adequate knowledge of the skills. This calls for searching for the expert in that field to fill the gap.

How Staff Augmentation Work

With Echo, transparency is the critical aspect of the staff augmentation operation. The process is as follows:

Understanding your requirements:

You cooperate with echo managers to define your needs for your project. At this stage, you give every single detail of what you are looking for and what you will expect later on. Consultations are done at this stage to get the best person to fit in the position.

Selection of the expert:

Once you have laid out your requirements, echo specialists highlight top-rated skilled personnel concerning your specified needs. The echo recruiters do the first interview then they pass the selected to you to conduct a final interview.

Interview with the professionals:

This is the stage where you interview and choose the best candidate from the list of skilled people selected for you at step two. At this stage, you explain your company values, terms, and conditions to the right candidate.


After selection of the best person, the echo team members, together with your company team, work hand in hand with the selected developer throughout the period. The cooperation enables the new employee to understand the policies of the company and how the operations take place.

Continues support: When the new team members have adopted to the operations of the company, Echo gives the necessary support in terms of working space for the remote workers. You will also have active communication with the new employee; hence your decisions throughout the development process are valid.

Importance of Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is done by experts who relieves you a lot of duties, which saves you time and resources. Below are some of the importance of staff augmentation:

Minimizes overhead costs: Some countries have low prices of living like Ukraine, which equates to low chargers. On the other hand, there are countries whose living standards are incredibly high, which means they charge very high rates. Staff augmentation benefits here because you can always outsource workers from different countries at a reasonable price but still get quality results.

Decision making: The workers outsourced have to adapt to the company’s policies. This means that you make all the decisions and all the team members follow what you decide on. As a result, you can make a better decision to improve your company.

Modified process of recruitment: Staff augmentation makes it possible to get highly skilled personnel at better rates within a short time. Once you have a position to be filled in your company, you just contact the Echo, and in a few weeks, you will be having the best candidate at reasonable rates.

Assured security: With the echo recruitment team, you are assured of the privacy of your information. Before hiring the right candidate, they must sign contracts and agreements to protect your interests.