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Most of the leading sports betting websites and online casinos know that people will check their sections before choosing them. However, not every brand cares about its users, which is why only some companies in Bulgaria provide them with different bonuses. The good news is that the bonus code will give sports bettors, and casino players access to a lot of promotions, no matter if they are new or existing clients. Efbet is notorious for being the best in Bulgaria, so people can expect to find a wide range of perks.

This article won’t focus on the bonuses themselves because Efbet has a lot of them. In fact, the operator is notorious for providing all kinds of short-termed offers that clients can put to the test. On top of that, the brand also has long-term propositions available for the casino and its sportsbook.

Each offer for Bulgarian bettors is special and will provide something interesting. However, it also comes with specific rules that gamblers should be aware of. Even though you should always read everything before choosing one of the options, this article will show you some of the key rules you must be aware of.

The welcome offer for sports and the casino have wagering requirements

Inexperienced online bettors are probably wondering why Efbet offers them bonus funds when they sign up and make a deposit when they can withdraw it right away. Unsurprisingly, gambling companies have thought about this, which is why there is a rule known as a “wagering requirement.” The latter shows the number of times that a given bettor has to wager his bonus before withdrawing the amount.

Unlike other betting websites in Bulgaria, Efbet has user-friendly wagering requirements that allow people to pull out their winnings much faster. However, there are some specifics, depending on the welcome promotion you are using.

Efbet has two welcome bonuses – one for the casino and one for sports. People who decide to wager on soccer and other sports and go for the second option will have to wager their extra funds three times. However, they also need to wager the deposit amount three times before Efbet will allow them to pull out their winnings.

Bulgarians who prefer to try Efbet’s bonus for the casino section will have access to a more substantial reward. That said, they will have to wager their deposit and bonus amount at least 25 times before they can pull them out. Needless to say, this is more complicated, and it will take more time.

Each offer has a minimum deposit

Aside from the potential no-deposit bonuses and other things that Efbet might offer to its Bulgarian users, most of the rewards will require them to make a deposit. There are also cases where users may have to place a bet, but they will have to make a deposit before that.

Speaking of the devil, you can’t just add any amount to your account and expect to get a reward. Instead, Efbet has specific minimum deposit requirements that people must adhere to.

The lowest amount of money you have to deposit depends on a couple of factors, but it usually comes down to the promo itself. For example, new signees have to pick one of the available payment solutions and add at least 10 BGN into their account. In addition to the deposits, some bonuses also require promo codes. 

Since most of Efbet’s promos for Bulgarian customers give them a percentage of the money they deposit, users have to be careful because they will have to add more money into their account to use a given proposition to its fullest.

In some cases, sports bettors have to wager on specific events 

People who use Efbet for sports betting will have the chance to wager on all kinds of things. The site is notorious for having one of the most advanced sports betting categories in the business. Naturally, there are many bonuses for betting on different kinds of sports.

One of the essential things you should check before using a sports betting promotion is whether you can use it on every market. In some cases, Efbet may require people to use the bonus amount they get on markets with specific odds.

Most offers have a time limit

The last important thing we’d like to point out is that most of the bonuses from Efbet are only available for a couple of days. There are cases where you will only have a few days to take advantage of a given promo, but some perks will give you a month to do that. 

Fortunately, you can check each reward’s duration once you go through the Terms and Conditions. Don’t forget that Efbet offers Bulgarian users one of the best customer support departments, so definitely check it if needed.