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After Crazy Time appeared in the assortment of online casinos, users all over the world started playing it. There are many reasons for this choice. Some of these games remind gambling games of the past. Others are saturated with slots and want to try something new.

Each country has its reasons for the popularity of betting on Crazy Time. Players are united by the opportunity to make big money and have fun. But Crazy Time developers consider users’ regional preferences and are ready to make changes to the gameplay in each country. Let’s take a closer look at which countries this game is in the top right now and why these indicators will only grow.

Methodology and Contenders

Following the rules of responsible gaming, Crazy Time developers regularly check payout rates and the fairness of their accruals. They also conduct research on an ongoing basis, including surveys and checking the rating of the application in online stores and casinos. Among the checked parameters of the game’s popularity, the following are checked:

  • the number of users from countries where Crazy Time is played;
  • bet amounts from active players;
  • reposts with hashtags in social networks;
  • income received from this game.

Based on the data obtained, the results for quarters or a year are analyzed. With their help, the development strategy for the next reporting period is determined. For example, if countries have the potential for user growth, then a more active promotional campaign for the game is carried out, etc.

Analysis of Popularity by Country

Analyzing the popularity of the game by country will help determine which regions have more players and whether their numbers can grow. The developers are looking for opportunities to improve the game and have already created 2 rooms with different presenters for the game. All players need to do is visit the website and enjoy Crazy Time game from Evolution Gaming. Below are the top countries and factors that influence the popularity of this game.

Top Countries

Studying the statistics of connections to the Crazy Time game, you can see that the largest number of users with regular bets are from:

  1. Bangladesh;
  2. Russia;
  3. Philippines;
  4. India;
  5. Italy;
  6. Brazil;
  7. Tunisia;
  8. Great Britain;
  9. Netherlands;
  10. Ukraine.

The number of active users ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands. Each of them makes at least one bet per day, but most play more actively.

Factors Influencing Popularity

Of course, this game is becoming more and more popular. However, this does not mean that developers can relax. Many popular markets in the gambling industry are worth paying attention to. The following factors will help you quickly attract users from other countries:

  • Cultural changes. The appearance of several titles from popular Asian games in the game’s bonuses helps attract users from the Asian market. Perhaps the introduction of some versions of Latin American games will help increase the influx of players from this region;
  • Carrying out marketing campaigns and advertising. Advertising campaigns are considered expensive. But it is also an effective method for promoting games in online casinos. We are not talking about television or radio but about advertising on casino websites, adding a game to the popular or new category, etc. Innovative players will at least want to test their mettle in Crazy Time;
  • Local access. To increase user loyalty, games are usually localized and adapted to specific countries. You can add specific functions to get players from a specific country.

Of course, these are not all the factors that influence the popularity of Crazy Time. But on their basis, one can build a comparative analysis and determine the countries where this game is most popular.

Comparative Insights

An increase in user requests for Crazy Time is observed all over the world. In the last month alone, there has been an almost 8% increase in users in Bangladesh. Other markets show a similar trend with a small margin of error (typically 5 to 7% growth).

As you can see, the popularity of the game is only increasing and there are all the prerequisites for the fact that over time it will reach even greater levels both in profitability from bets and in the number of active users.


The creators of Crazy Time quickly caught the mood of users, and their development is popular. In the future, the game will have to be slightly modernized or updated versions created. In particular, you can add bonuses based on popular games in Europe, the USA, Latin America, etc.