Positive self-talk enhances motivation, and in this post, we’ll dive into how.

Your daily motivation is affected by your self-talk

Motivation stems from your belief of whether you can accomplish the venture you set for yourself. If you believe you can, then you’ll invoke internal motivation to pursue, persevere, and continue until you reach your goal. Self Talk is the force that drives belief. So positive self-talk is imperative for daily motivation.

Frame your mind to win through positive self-talk

You get what you focus on, and you become what you focus on, and your focus is usually influenced by your self-talk.

Think about it.

If you use the words, “I can” very often or in a default mode you’ll focus and give priority on ways that’ll help you reach your goal. “I can become a successful entrepreneur,” will direct your attention to areas that’ll give you some sense of direction on where to start and this breeds motivation to actually start.

You’ll gravitate to books about entrepreneurship, podcasts of upcoming trends and disruptive markets, niches, upcoming technical skills that are necessary for the upcoming workforce that’ll make massive contributions to the GDP of the economy, and how to pitch to investors to raise funds which will further your motivation to pursue your venture.

But what happens if you focus on, “I can’t do that because … ”? You won’t try at all and your attention will redirect back to your mundane tasks for an average complacent bullshit life.

Here’s a hint. A simple thought in your head is all it takes for you to either take massive action or inaction. Fortunately, by taking massive actions, you’ll have the foundation for building self-confidence. Before making the commitment to some specific bold actions, you may want to start with positive self-talk statements.

Strong Active Thinking Precedes Success

You are not in control of the thoughts that roam in your subconscious mind. But, you are in control of the thoughts you think in proactive ways which can persuade your subconscious mind.

You have the power to make your subconscious house powerful thoughts that can lead to productive habits and the mentality of a champion. Champions don’t think, “I must push harder when they’re near the finish line. It’s a truth to them. Such thoughts linger in their subconscious from all the days of grueling training where they had to think consciously with statements like, “I must push through this.”

Active thinking is the first step to forming a subconscious powerhouse. You must practice active thinking, and active thinking is often initiated, not reactive. So first, learn to distinguish active thinking from passive thinking.

Example of active thinking:

Think right now about an idea you’ve come across from a book and then formulate an opinion about it.

Example of Passive thinking:

“I don’t feel like doing anything” that’s fueled by a feeling of lethargy after you wake up.

When people understand that they can have control over your mind, why would anyone in their right mind feed themselves feeble thoughts?

Even more powerful, the moment you realize that you are in control of your thoughts, you’ll know that you’re in control of your life. At that moment, you’ll also realize that thoughts lead to actions that lead to habits. And habits lead to the character that shapes your destiny.

You’ll experience the power of feeble thoughts and the power of strong thoughts and the ripple effect of a simple thought. This alone will incentivize you to take proactive action to feed yourself ONLY strong thoughts even when you don’t feel like being strong.

“I can”

Powerful, positive thinking stems from belief. The unwavering belief that you can do it starts with the words, “I can.” Changing one word from can’t to can, will change your attitude and the level of your motivation. This will make you open-minded and induce more positive self-talk, which will alter the course of your life.

You’ll be able to take more risks. Such risks often lead to challenges, failures, learning, opportunities, and most importantly, growth. But before you start anything, you first need to have some assurance that you’ll be okay or have some belief that you’ll succeed in that venture.

There’s only one phrase that will give that kind of positive assurance, “I can”.

So you must develop this and engage in conscious practice so that you choose the rewarding route when you face a fork that makes you choose between comfort and stagnancy or risk and growth.

Also, correct yourself when you catch yourself outwardly and inwardly saying, “I can’t ..”. Doing this will rewire your neural circuits which will empower your brain to respond habitually with the powerful phrase, “I can”.

Understand that humans find fulfillment in overcoming challenges. It’s not the money, the fancy house, or the trophy wife. It’s the fact that you went through a rough journey and not only survived, but overcame; that brings the most joy. And our brain was created to adapt and overcome through persistence. If you have ever listened to some outstanding achievers that persisted through obstacles, you’ll hear them refer to the power of positive self-talk in different circles.

Most people don’t persist because “I can” often turns into “I can’t.” So it’s crucial that you develop another word, “I must.”

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I will and I must

What’s the point of starting anything if you don’t finish. No point. We are finishers. So merely starting is not good enough. You must develop an attitude of persistence because like it or not, life is fucking hard. You’ll know better when you develop a lifestyle where you are pushing yourself to grow and raise the bar in your life.

For this life, you need persistence and there’s one word that will reinforce this attitude, “I MUST.”

I’d like to note that first, you must value accountability meaning, you are a man whose words have weight. After you build this character trait, the words, I MUST and WILL hold tremendous weight because you won’t let yourself live with yourself if you give up.

Consistency always breeds results but it’s very hard when a storm hits over and over and over. Will you give up? You say no right now but have you felt the pain of being in a storm over and over and over? It’s easier said than done. But I assure you that if you begin to value accountability and become a person whose words have weight and reinforce the phrase, “I MUST”, you will weather the storm and keep pushing until victory is yours.

Resources for Powerful Positive Thoughts

Music affects your life.

Music throws ideas into your head and changes your perception of the world. Source. Brainwashing is about throwing some type of visual or auditory stimulus over and over until it sinks into a person’s subconscious and it has worked time and time again.

The music you listen to, given that you’re jamming earphones in your head for some number of hours per week, brainwashes you. So if you’re going to get brainwashed, then it is better to brainwash yourself with positive affirmations.

Podcasts that throw plenty of information relative to your industry are also powerful. Daily motivation with quotes, motivational words, and speeches is also powerful and helps develop positive self-talk.

If you’re religious like a Christian, listening to sermons is powerful and reinforces your faith. Whatever you listen to will alter how you think. Be vigilant about the audio that you’re listening to because they will sway your self-talk.

We could even do an experiment where we take a goodie-tissue who is opposed to sex before marriage, drugs, nightlife, and alcohol, and force them to listen to hip hop music 24/7, they’ll become more receptive to what we listed above.

On the music, you must be vigilant about the thoughts that you’re allowing into your mind through music. Even the shows that you watch, and whatever medium that has access to your mind should be chosen with great care.

Best to listen to podcasts that are about topics of your interest, best to watch shows that show the beauty of this world and makes you want to explore, and read literature that challenges your opinion and beliefs on a variety of topics.

Surround yourself with winners

The people you hang out with also affects your self-talk. It goes back to the whole music notion. Your friends are like audio tracks that send information to your brain, and eventually, your brain will soak up some of that information. Knowing this, you’re going to be influenced by your peers, whether you like it or not, so you have to be sure that you’re spending time with those that are planting productive seeds of thoughts in your head.

It’s difficult to find new friends outside of academia or the workforce, we get it. But it’s worth the tremendous effort. You can start utilizing meetups and target activities of your interest. Search around, and you’ll find anything silly from Fortnite parties to focused groups that meet together to automate everyday annoyances through a computer language.

Or sign up for classes that make you step outside of your comfort zone like improvisation. Consider conferences and networking events that relate to your interest and can build up your net worth.

It’s uncomfortable, sure. But again, it’s worth it.

Even if you’re exhausted after a long day of work or school, these social activities and networking sessions will only enhance the quality of your life a year from now.

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