During the winter the nights are getting colder, and our wallets are getting tighter, due to not only the increased heating costs and higher bills that come with keeping our homes warm, but also due to the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and everyone needs all the money they can get. In the colder months of the year, it’s important to start thinking about how you can heat your home without rapidly increasing your bills. Read on to discover how a heat recovery system may just be the way to start saving your spare pennies.

How Does it Work?

A heat recovery system does the much-needed job of heating your home. The way that this is done is similar to that of a dehumidifier, but a lot more effective. Through an installed ventilation system, the heat recovery system identifies warm air from the atmosphere outside and transfers it into your home. A heat exchanger is placed in the attic and will filter all the cold and warm air that is passing through the pipes and into your home by taking the heat from air that was once warm but is now stale and mixing it with cold air that has been extracted from the atmosphere and placing this inside your home, heating rooms of the house. The stale air, therefore, is transferred back into the atmosphere so that the process can repeat.

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How is This Beneficial?

A heat recovery system can be beneficial for a number of reasons, such as saving money. As you only have to pay for the initial installation, you can save hundreds of pounds by heating your house through the air recovery system rather than adding pounds on to your heating bills.

As well as the financial benefits, a heat recovery system can do wonders for your home if you are suffering from damp. As damp gets much worse in the winter, it can easily destroy the walls of your home, cost extra money to treat and cause detrimental effects to your health. Heat recovery systems can help in this problem area as they can also extract moisture from the air, meaning that the damp situation can be somewhat controlled a little easier.

Heat recovery systems are also good for people with allergies, as allergens are removed from the air before it’s circulated around the home.

Should I Get One?

If you’re running low on cash and can’t afford to pay ridiculously high heating bills in the winter, then a heat recovery system from BPC Ventilation can save you a lot of stress and money in the holiday season. With the installation of a heat recovery system, you can get instant access to warmer air without having to pay more on top of your bills all year round.

Heat recovery systems are well worth installing if you find that your home simply isn’t warm enough to survive the harsh winter. With guaranteed results, the reduction of financial stress, and the possible health benefits, a heat recovery system is definitely worth installing in your home this winter.