60% of the population in Malaysia is Islam and most of the time, religion shapes the laws of the country. In Malaysia, Muslims are governed by two sets of laws, secular law, and religious law. These are also applied to visiting or touring Muslims. In Islam, gambling is compared to alcoholism.

It is connected together because both can ruin lives and your relationship with your family and friends. It is considered as a social disease that is addictive and that people should stay away from. It is stated in the Quran that participating in games of chance that includes betting is a grave sin. Having said all these, Muslim countries like Malaysia have a strict view of gambling.

Secular law that non-Muslims follow permits gambling if it is authorized by law. However, Islam law just plain prohibits gambling no matter what the situation is and in all circumstances. There are no exceptions. And if you are caught gambling you will be both fined and imprisoned.

The government does not license online gambling like they do land-based gambling. But that does not seem to be a problem. If you want to take part in online casinos just make sure to use foreign-based online gambling sites. Malaysians do this freely. Although, local Malaysian banks are not allowed to permit transactions going to online gambling sites. What you can do is make an account on internet wallet sites.

Using internet wallet sites you can easily move your money in and out of online casinos. For the most part, online gambling is overlooked if not tolerated. You are especially safe if you use major international online casinos. Because it’s not like people from the government can hop on a plane and shut down an online casino that is based in the Philippines or anywhere else.

Make sure to protect yourself by choosing trustworthy online casino Malaysia. Here are several factors that would determine if an online casino is trustworthy:

Has High-Quality Casino Games

Make sure their games are well-developed. Having the latest and popular games are also a good sign.

Offers Bonuses and Promotions.

Make sure to maximize the value of your money. The more promotions, deals and offers the online casino has the better.

Available on Mobile

An online casino that is on multiple platforms will make sure you enjoy their site with any tech of your choosing may it be pc, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This will make gaming more enjoyable and because you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Easy deposits and withdrawals

A trustworthy online casino will let you move your winnings without a problem. They will also have safe banking options.

Reliable Client service

A reliable casino will offer multiple communication channels for contact in case you have an inquiry or a problem you need help resolving. A top-rated casino will have an email and telephone options as well as live chats. They should be ready to answer any questions or address concerns you may have.