NADRA stands for National Database Registration Authority. It has started its online registration service for NICOP, POC, and CRC. Online data is collected, for example, fingerprints, thumbprints, and signatures. Online registration fees are collected by debit or credit card.

According to a website of the National Database and Registry Authority of Pakistan (NADRA), Pakistani citizens who are over the age of 18 are eligible to obtain a NIC (Pakistan n.d.a). The NIC has a unique 13-digit number recognized worldwide. It is a mandate for people who want to request documents such as licenses and NTN (National Tax Number), bank account, passport, telephone connection, etc.

Top 10 Advantages of Obtaining your NADRA Card

It is not compulsory by the Pakistani government but it provides its users with the following advantages:

  1. Purchasing property and vehicles
  2. Opening and operating bank accounts(Savings and Current)
  3. Issuing a passport
  4. Getting a SIM card
  5. Purchasing train or flight tickets
  6. Getting admitted to colleges for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  7. Availing services of electricity, water, and gas
  8. Setting up businesses
  9. Disbursement of pension
  10. Making online transactions

Like above, there are lots of features. With these functionalities, obtaining a NADRA card adds to the conduct of organized civic life in the country of Pakistan.

How to Get your NADRA Card Online?

According to the NADRA website, in order to apply for the NICOP application for the first time, the following documents are required:

It is required the original [NIC] / [SNIC] / [NICOP] / [SNICOP] of a parent and any original document (Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or matrix certificate or brand sheet or domicile or passport).

• CNICF certificate by any blood relative or immediate relative.


• A NIC / SNIC-NICOP / SNICOP of origin of the parent and the presence and certification/verification of any person related to the blood (preferably the father).

Features of SNIC ( Smart National Identity Card )

It is known as Pakistan’s first national Electronic ID card. It successfully contains a complete package of 36 advanced functionalities. This card can be easily used for online and offline identification. The authority aims to replace all the existing CNICs soon with the SNIC.

Also, SNICs have 36 card security features, earning their place on one of the world’s most secure cards. It is printed in multiple layers and each layer has its security features. With the chip encrypted by efficient NADRA software developers, it stores information and complies with established protocols. When the holder places a card in a card reader, both the card and the card reader verify their respective authenticity. In addition, the cardholder’s fingerprints are requested in the event that both verifications are successful. Therefore, both identity and information are secure with the NADRA card.

What is the Validity of CNIC?

The validity of CNIC is up to 10 years, with the exception of those which last 15 years. If your NADRA card expires, you can renew it in a few minutes on the relevant website or visit one of their offices.

So, why wait? Just apply for online NADRA card and get all the available features.