There is a very special feature about Georgia prisons, and that is the DOC, also known as the Georgia department of corrections, maintains a database that is centralized and carries information about every inmate of the prison.

People who wish to gather information about any particular inmate can seek the required information through the Georgia inmate search.

In this article, we are going to briefly discuss how we can locate an inmate in Georgia state prison.

Steps To Locate an Inmate in Georgia Prison

Locating an inmate in the state prison of Georgia is by far the easiest job. Below mentioned are ways in which any individual can locate an inmate in the state prison of Georgia.

  • The DOC has also known as the department of corrections, has a database of inmates that can be accessed by any individual free of cost at any point in time. People who wish to gather information about inmates in Georgia can use Georgia Inmate Search to extract the freely accessible available information.
  • People who are searching for any information about an inmate need to know primarily where the inmate is incarcerated. Based on this information, they can search for other required information. In case people find their information is unavailable in the database, there could be a possibility that the particular inmate is either shifted to a jail or a federal facility. Information about inmates in jail and federal facilities are not included in the database.
  • People can try searching for the inmate using their partial or alias name. But to get the exact results, people are advised to search for the inmate using their full name, i.e., and they need to key in the full first name and full last name in the search bar to locate the inmate.
  • In case people find a list of names coming up when searching by the full name, they need to narrow down their search results. This can be done by adding the date of birth after the full name. It will screen for the names that have that particular date of birth, which will obviously get you closer to your desired results. People can also choose to match the picture and other details they are aware of in order to identify the inmate they are looking for.
  • If all else fails, people searching for an inmate should remember that every inmate has an ID number. They need to track the inmate’s ID number they are looking for and key in the ID number for accurate results. Or otherwise, they can choose to skip the first name and last name of the inmate or his or her date of birth if they are not sure of the details and just search for the inmate using their ID number. It’s a unique identification number that is different for every inmate.


To conclude, it can be said that if any individual wishes to search for an inmate in the state prison of Georgia, they can make use of the Georgia inmate search. There are three ways they can locate the inmate.

They can either search for the inmate using their full name that includes both their first and last name, and they can also search for the inmate using their date of birth, or else they can search with the help of their ID number.

To get to the inmate they are looking for, and people can either use all three information together in the search bar or individually search for the inmate using any three-information available to them.