You have been married for months or years, but recently, you are feeling a certain discomfort between you and your partner. You are treating them unfairly or with less respect as compared to the early days of your marriage. This is your sign that things are getting ugly, and it won’t be too long before you both fall apart and end up getting a divorce.

If your partner is your best friend, it can be a lot more painful to break off your relationship. Of course, complications do not occur suddenly; they are developed over time. If you keep ignoring them, they will become one big ball which, when it comes in motion, will crush everything in its way.

Everyone deserves to be in a relationship that helps them to grow as a person and is their ultimate source of happiness, joy, motivation, and comfort. A good partner is not the one who buys you expensive gifts and takes you to movie dates, but the one who makes time to sit with you and communicates with you, listen to what you have to say, and understand from where you are coming.

No relationship should be unsafe, toxic, and abusive. It takes two people to develop a healthy marriage, so you cannot just blame one person for every bad thing. However, if you can figure thigs out in time and communicate them with your partner, you can work things out for good.

Being nice to your partner is not about being phony. We all have our moods, feelings, views, and needs. So if you feel your marriage is failing, you must act and upgrade your marriage. Below is some advice which will surely help you.

Nourish Your Relationship

Just like you water plants and place them on a spot where they can get sunlight, your relationship also needs some pampering and nourishing. In today’s age, it is a lot easier to take your better half for granted without even noticing it. You can easily get busy with stuff and end up ignoring your partner’s basic needs. So it is better to ensure that you make out enough time to spend it with your partner. Go out on dates, have a fancy lunch or dinner, take a day off, and stay home with your partner. Do everything you can just to make them feel special and wanted. It is just like fueling up your car to keep it running. You have to give your input. Without it, you will slowly lose your person.

Be With Them When You Are Together

This is one thing we all do! Married or not. Connecting is not about just being in the same room, living in the same house, or sharing a bed. It is about communicating, showing interest, actually listening, and understanding what the other person is saying. It is about putting everything aside for a while and be in the moment for the sake of your relationship with the other person.

Put down your book, phone, or anything that’s distracting you, and invest your time in building your relationship. No matter how old your marriage is, if you are a good communicator and listener, you can solve more than half of your issues by just talking them out with your loved one. Be sincere and kind in such moments. Remember, it is not a task that you have to complete. It should be a choice that you make willingly to keep your marriage from failing because of minor issues.

Be Vocal About Your Needs

Often times, partners are reluctant when it comes to voicing their needs, be it financial, emotional, or physical. You can’t expect your partner to just know everything. at times, you have to speak your needs out. One of the many reasons why couples often lose the charm of their marriage is a lack of intimacy and even boring sex life. If your partner doesn’t satisfy you anymore, tell them. There’s no other way around it. discuss what options you have and what options you two can try. Many couples have found sex toys like a realistic dildo to be super-helpful when it comes to spicing their sex lives. It all comes down to how openly you can discuss your needs.

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Learn To Accept and Build Tolerance

It is easy to get irritated and agitated when you have had a bad day at work or are dealing with some work-related problems. Anything can bother you, even if it is not that big of an issue in general. You can be quick to pick a fight and start an argument. You can end up saying some bad things to your partner, and such things can provoke a person to hold grudges.

For such situations, you must work on building tolerance and acceptance. You can discuss such trivial matters with your partner and ask them to change their patterns, or you can accept some things so that you do not pile up issues over issues. Try solving your problems through communication as much as you can. Hence, they will also learn how to accept or tolerate certain things.

Moreover, if you see your partner working on something that caused problems for both of you in the past, make sure that you appreciate them. This way, you are showing them that you notice what they do, and they will have their much-needed motivation to improve themselves as a person. The result will be a successful and happy marriage where two people are mature enough to solve their issues without throwing tantrums and complaining about it every other day.

Fair Treatment

You cannot say that relationships are all about to give and take. Because relationships are built on emotions and feelings, and there are no scales to measure these two. You give as much as you want when the other person is important to you without thinking about what you are getting in return. However, it is not unfair to say that you must only give what you can take happily.

Fair treatment is about treating your partner with the respect that you want for yourself. Of course, you can always give them more but never less!

Choose the best for them, not with the intention that you are going to get the same in return, but with the thought that this is what you would want from them if they were you.

It is okay if they are unable to do things as perfectly as you, but at least they try, and that should be more than enough. As a partner, do not expect them to be as good as you. Always be the one who gives more, understands more, listens more. This way, your partner will begin working hard to improve themselves. Of course, you do not have to overburden yourself as each one of us has our limits. Just try to be a more cooperative one in your relationship.