The retail trading landscape is filled with users needing a broker with the tools and resources they need to trade efficiently. MainTrade has designed its platform to accommodate retail users and has added a mobile app with a simple user experience. Furthermore, the broker has many assets that users can add to their portfolios. If you are worried about asset safety, MainTrade ensures that all deposits and trades on its platform are protected.

Why should you sign up with this broker? In this guide, we answer exactly that question. With this MainTrade review, you will see the reasons why MainTrade is a top choice among retail traders and the perks it offers users. It is important for a broker to tick all your boxes before you sign up. We hope this review can convince you to join the brokerage and become one of the thousands of traders currently using the platform.

Why MainTrade?

Smooth Mobile Experience

The platform has a mobile app that allows users to access the service from any device. The app is available for download on the Android and iOS operating systems. Traders who want to do more will enjoy using the app as it has all the platform features. Furthermore, retail traders who do not trade full-time can monitor their accounts and the markets from their mobile devices. It makes it easy for traders to stay in touch with the markets from anywhere and at any time.

Learning Materials for Traders

The platform provides learning materials for users on the platform. The materials cover a range of subjects from beginner to expert competency levels. Furthermore, the materials would help traders become better at their craft and make the level up faster. The main trade brokerage is committed to helping users improve their skills and build decent portfolios. Additionally, users could learn and trade using the dummy accounts provided by the brokerage. These accounts would allow users to improve their craft without affecting their portfolios. Users can switch between their main and dummy accounts as they please.

Fractional Asset Purchase

All assets available on the platform can be purchased in bits. Users who do not want to buy the whole unit can purchase bits of an asset. Additionally, these fractions can be added to the user’s portfolio. With as low as $1, you can own any asset of your choice and add it to your portfolio. Furthermore, users would be better able to DCA (Dollar Cost Average) into projects and accumulate an asset over time if it has a large unit price. Users can build a robust portfolio with fractional asset pricing.

Customer Support

MainTrade provides round-the-clock customer support for users. This support enables users to get answers to their questions. Additionally, if users encounter any bugs or problems while using the platform, customer support would help them out. Assisting users is at the core of the MainTrade platform, which is why they are dedicated to ensuring users get all the backup they need. To contact customer support, you can send an email or reach out via phone. Both channels are always available to users.

Portfolio Tracking and Analysis

Users need to monitor their portfolios to know how well they are performing in the market. MainTrade provides portfolio monitoring tools that allow them to track the value of the assets in their portfolio. The tool helps traders get a clearer view of how well their assets are performing and the price history of each asset. It is an essential tool because it helps users build a stronger portfolio by showing them what assets they need to remove and what assets would boost their portfolio if added. Traders are free to use the portfolio tracking tool from the mobile and web versions of the brokerage.


The main trade platform is built to make retail trading easier for you. Its mobile app and fractional assets give retail traders the tools to invest as little as they want. The portfolio tracker also helps them keep tabs on the assets they purchased. For more information on the brokerage, visit their website.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.