Cycling is an excellent combination of staying healthy and having fun. Plus, it takes you places too. What’s not to love about a machine that sets you free while riding it and helps you stay fit as well?

Now, it is not unusual for you to be the only one in the family who enjoys riding bikes, and it is also a common scenario for you to wish that your family members tag along sometimes. Isn’t it best when all your family members share similar interests?

Here’s how you can encourage your family members to opt for bike riding with these easy steps.

How To Encourage Your Family Members To Opt For Bike Riding

The right encouragement can make all the difference. Before you start talking to your family members about how to choose a road bike, you should brief them about the joys of bike riding.

Riding a bike is suitable for the entire family, as it is appropriate for all age groups. The following section will explore easy steps to encourage your family to try out this fun activity and hopefully convert them all to bike riders. Did you know that bike riding is one of those life-long skills that one can never forget once they have learned it?

1. Share What Motivated You to Learn Riding

Try to remember what initiated you to consider riding a bike. Your reasons could motivate and inspire your family members too. While you story-tell, express how it made you feel. For first-time bike riders, the sense of freedom to roam and explore around always encourages them to instill this habit. And for many, bike riding is a super fun way to hit a cardio session.

If you have kids at home, it might be the best way to keep them busy, rather than doing things at home with kids. There are various benefits to bike riding, and if you convey the message correctly, you can easily boost your family member’s confidence to try it.

2. Let Them Decide

Give them time to decide, despite how much you want them to consider riding a bike. Remember, staying fit or going out with your bike doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. For some, riding around the neighborhood may sound interesting, while taking it out for an adventure seems like a plan for others.

You could also have someone who is scared to learn as well. It’s common for many to have a fear due to various reasons. It could be a bad experience from falling over, injury, critical parents, or lack of confidence.

You have to let this idea sit with them for a while until they are fully sure they want to give it a shot. Be patient with them. If they show some interest, start with a safe zone where there are not many people or cars crossing.

If you have environmentally conscious family members, tell them how e-bikes are good for the environment. You never know what might work, but it’s safe to come from an angle that excites them.

3. Walk Them Through The Basics

Balancing is key when someone is trying to ride a bike. Like we said, riding a bike is a lifelong skill. So, it’s essential to go through the basics of riding thoroughly. Like looking ahead, the head should be up with a straight back, etc. For beginners particularly, you must ensure that they have a clear understanding of how a bike functions.

You could talk to them about the breaks, how to paddle off, and what to look out for to prevent falls and damage. Another exciting way to encourage them is to take them to a park where you can hire bikes. See how they take it in, and you could always refer back to this memory and maybe push them to incorporate it into their regular life.

4. Get Suitable Equipment and Accessories

We feel that giving them the option to purchase a bike of their choice is the first stage of encouragement. If they invest their time in it, they will naturally grow more interested in trying it out, learning to ride, and taking care of it too. Plus, if you know bike functionality, you could suggest they buy the better one accordingly. Note that the experience depends on the quality of the bike. In other words, the better your bike, the better your experience.

We have made a list of accessories required to ride a bike. You could also introduce them to these items.

  1. Helmets – A necessity when riding a bike because safety comes first. The helmet you opt for should be the right fit and sit comfortably on your head. You should also remind them to never ride without a helmet.
  2. Saddles – You must ensure that seats are comfortable and have ample padding. If they are uncomfortable, the rider will not be keen on riding long distances or longer hours.
  3. Seats – It should be secured and suitable for the rider’s age. For young children, you must get bikes with additional seat support.
  4. Attire – You must dress to ride your bike considering the weather outside, your riding adventures, plus comfort. Remember that loose clothes or hanging parts of your clothes could be hazardous.

4. Make Them Feel Comfortable

If they feel like they need more time to learn and ride comfortably, go easy on them. As the person who initiated this, you should check that they are able to reach the brake levers properly. They can paddle without too much effort too. Help them to find the balance and boost their confidence so that they try to make an effort on their own.

You could also look up videos demonstrating how to ride a bike for beginners. If they fall, help them to get up, and don’t make it a big deal. Sometimes fear can take over and discourage them from trying again.


Once you can run this idea by them, you should be open to different responses too. Keep an open mind. Not everyone likes or enjoys doing the same things. If they are not interested in trying it, don’t make a big deal out of it. Focus on having fun with your bike; maybe your family members will start to consider it. Fun should be the center of your adventures; only then will you be able to encourage your family members to opt for bike riding.