The majority of people use email daily for various purposes, from home-related to business and entertainment ones. There are many email clients that offer various features, and very often, we exchange files of different types. vCard is one of them.

Electronic business cards are a vital part of many lives, particularly in the business sphere. They are essential there since they help to maintain important contacts even years after receiving such a card. In general, they tend to be exchanged through emails, but what to do if you’d like to transfer all your files to another email client, such as Outlook? Good news is, in our days, vCard to Outlook Transfer can be done here, and it can happen easily. By purchasing a special vCard to Outlook license, you’ll be able to engage in effortless bulk emails transfer.

vCard Converter: Main Attributes

If you are worried about transferring thousands upon thousands of messages between your email client and Outlook, which is getting more and more popular, vCard converter is something you’ll find extremely useful. All you need to do is select files with .vcf format and then rely on our program. It will do all the work automatically, and very soon, you will see all your messages transferred to your Outlook account. Here are the key features our vCard converter will provide you with.

  • Friendly interface that will let you figure everything out intuitively. You won’t require any physical assistance or something as time-consuming as video guides as well as discussion forums. After the download is finished, you should simply open the program. You’ll understand what to do right away.
  • Ability to let you pick a specific folder within Outlook account where you’d like to transfer your files.
  • Support for any kind of structure of vCards. It doesn’t matter how they look or what layers they contain; the process of transfer will be flawless.

Conversion will be done quickly, with no lags or accidental mistakes.

How to Buy a vCard to Outlook Converter License?

We offer free tryouts so you could actually test what you’re getting before making a purchase. See for yourself how easy and reliable our vCard converter is. There are three types of licenses you can buy if you’re in the process of planning your big migration.

First one is a Home License that costs under 20$. It has a standard support system and basic crucial features you’ll need to transfer your files successfully. The second one is the Business License. It costs 35.95$, and it offers a wider range of services. With commercial use as its goal, it had a premium support system. The third and final type is the Technical License. It costs 1$ per day, which makes the price 365$ for the whole year. With new batch mode and multiple activations, it’s essential for commercial use.

So, all you need to do is read about each license carefully and then choose the one that fits you best. The options you’ll get are limitless. Conduct your migration safely and enjoy file transfer!