At Your Service

When people think of military life, the first thing that would come to mind is life on the frontlines or active duty. It may be serving in the army, navy, airforce, or marines – military life can be quite interesting. While most people may think of military life as being right in the middle of a war or conflict, it really doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, there are many facets of military life.

Military life vs civilian life

Just like civilians, members of the military have a Social Security Number which can be verified with the Defense Department. Military verification is done to protect one’s name from fraudulent use, especially in using it to gain access to military benefits.

Some members of the military have shared their personal experiences on what makes military life different from a civilian’, especially for those in active duty. Active duty members of the military are akin to those working a full-time job. In the Army, for example, its members serve 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This doesn’t mean that they have to work 24 hours straight, but it means they are always on duty. Active duty members of the military also include members of the Reserve Corps who are on full-time training duty.

For many, especially for those on active duty, the day one enters the military is the day one stops being an individual. It’s not that they lose their sense of individuality, but they realize that they are now a part of something bigger than themselves. In fact, veterans refer to the military as a brotherhood and sisterhood where camaraderie prevails all the time.

Living and housing is also another noticeable difference. While civilians can live where they choose, military members are given housing allowance and can choose if they want to live on the base, post, or even in the barracks. If one should choose to live on a military installation, they need not worry as military installations would have all the necessities one would need such as medical facilities, a grocery store, police and fire department, and even entertainment facilities like a theatre.

Career and employment opportunities are unique in the military. Unlike in the civilian world where one works in industries, members of the military would work in divisions or brigades. With the military, travel is a sure guarantee as one can be deployed anywhere in the world. And if one should retire from military service, the military can help out into transitioning to civilian employment.

One of the best differences in military vs civilian life. is healthcare. Military healthcare benefits are second to none. Active duty military members and their families are covered by TRICARE, free of charge. Each family member even gets assigned their own primary care manager (PCM) to boot!

Educational benefits from the military are one of the most attractive perks one can get. Even veterans have access to these benefits such as the Tuition Top-Up Program, just to name a few.

While military service can look daunting, it can surely be rewarding.