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What is the NJ Diet?

It is a weight loss program that helps clients lose weight quickly and safely. Now the NJ diet’s essence is its diet plan which is created according to the DNA test and personal consultation of individuals.

“What? DNA test?”

Yes! The diet is supervised by nutritionally certified personnel, which by the way, requires extensive medical testing before the start of the program. As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t designed for the masses, it is not a “catch-all” program. Instead, your NJ diet plan is created according to your genetics.

What are the Tests?

The tests include blood panels, hair, saliva, and of course, DNA. The purpose behind these tests is to develop the predisposition and preferences for your exercise programs, nutritional needs, vitamins, diet, etc.

Additionally, these tests help us configure the program according to each individual’s specific hormone levels, metabolic health, enzymes, and how all these elements impact their body. Finally, each participant is monitored twice a week by a certified medical professional to observe the changes and ensure that the program is working safely and efficiently.

How Does the NJ Diet Work?

Signing up for the NJ diet program is a 4-step process. Here’s how it goes:

1. Initial Consultation and Evaluation:

To get started, you must go for an initial consultation and evaluation. In this step, you will receive initial information regarding the program. In case there are any more questions, you can visit their website.

2. Medical Pre-Evaluation:

This step is all about evaluating your current condition. This step includes determining your Body Mass Index, muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat, body water, etc. In addition to that, you go through a bio-energetic balancing scan. This scan helps the NJ diet team choose the best and worst diets for your genetic composition.

3. Q and A Session:

The third step is for you to ask any questions and queries regarding the program. This step will allow you to get detailed information regarding how it works plus any related fees expected with the program. Once you are satisfied with the details, the NJ diet program begins.

4. The Program Itself:

Typically, the program lasts for 40 days. During this time period, your health and safety will be monitored twice a week. Additionally, you will receive a custom supplement program to work with any specific vitamins and minerals you are lacking.

After this 4-step process, you will transition towards the maintenance program. This is great in helping participants understand how to maintain their healthy weight.

How Much does it Cost?

The consultation costs only $99!

And if you sign up right now, the online consultation promotion offer is just $27!!

This initial fee includes consultation as well as initial tests required to develop your customized plan. Before starting, you will receive the plan with your specific supplements and dietaries. The supplements roughly cost $900 – $2100 depending upon the products and time required for meal plans.

Why NJ Diet?

Now I understand there are thousands of plans in the market. But what sets the NJ diet apart is its focus on your specific genetics. With a proven record of 20 – 45 pound reduction in 40 days, NJ diet is confident in bringing you a diet plan backed by scientific methodology.

It is not a one-fits-for-all program. It is more like a customized, specific program for YOU; supervised directly by medical professionals. What’s more? You get to have the direct contact information of the professionals so you can reach them any time during the enrollment period.

Most importantly, we help you transition towards a healthier lifestyle, supported by knowledge and tools so that you can maintain weight long-term.

Reviews and Testimonials – What People Say About NJ Diet

Barbara Sutton from the United States says, “I absolutely love the staff here. Everyone has been so friendly, supportive, and very knowledgeable. I’ve never felt like I was ever judged, they provide the best resources and are available to help whenever you need it.”

…and she is not the only one. Check out the NJ Diet Review. There’s a 100% satisfaction rate with real people commending the program’s work.

NJ Diet Review on also confirms the fascinating results; their review is based on a 2008 study by Stanford University. The study confirmed that “women on a diet that matched their genetic makeup lost 2.5 times more weight than women on diets that didn’t match up with their genes”

The NJ diet website, itself, offers a whole stock of photos of users before and after the programs. NJ diet aims to offer you a successful weight loss journey without feeling hungry…and the reviews confirm it!