In spite of its lack of exposure and being disregarded as a marketing strategy, trade shows are vital for businesses, especially those who are just starting. Most of the times, this misconception is due to the expenses needed to participate. It is expensive, and that cannot be denied.

On the other hand, if you do well during the show, your expenses come back tenfold, sometimes, even more. To be honest, though, it is not easy to do well. Competition is around, and sometimes, those who have more following tend to perform better. This is especially the case for small, start-up businesses. That is why you need to one-up your competition, and in order to do so, here are some things that may help you.


There is always a list, and it is available to anyone who wants them. You should want a copy. You could use this as a way to scout, not the competition, but for potential partners. Just like how you prepare for pre-show marketing, you should reach out to those who you see can be potential partners. Invite them to your booth from stands services in Miami Beach so that you can discuss a potential partnership in-depth.

Just remember, make the interaction short and brief. The details can be smoothed out during the convention.


Only bring the best during the trade show because they will reflect your company, especially in the face of the public. They are the ones who will be talking to guests mostly. Also, they are normally the first ones in line to talk with whoever comes first, and that is vital when the ones coming over are those who you can potentially become partners with.

For a new business, it would be smart to have your personal staff to be the people manning the booth, especially if they are part of how it started. However, there is always the option of hiring an event staffing agency who can help with your first showing, at least. You can have your personal staff be the ones manning your booth in the future once they get the confidence to do so.

Trade Show


Speaking of your staff, you should keep them well informed, especially if you decide to make them the ones to staffing your booth. They should also be experts in what products or services you are offering, regardless if it was for the ones on display or the ones you have in general.


Guests want products that they can see, feel, and possibly toy around with. This gives them a chance to check out the products, and possibly convince them to buy one in the future if they are not yet available in the market. Or, if you have some available on hand, then, you could immediately make a sale.

It also gives your potential customers a chance to make comments if any improvements need to be made, or ideas where the company can take the product in the future.

Always thinking a step or two ahead of the competition in trade shows pays off, especially with how fast paced it could become. Having these in your back pocket would return, tenfold.