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Casino licenses are a vital part of the online gambling industry. To get more players to visit your online platform, you need to provide a license that is reputable and reliable. Most gamblers wish to use a site that is transparent, honest, and trustworthy. So it is one of the first things players check when they are looking for an online casino to use. For example, online casinos that want to operate in the UK will be required to get a UK Gambling Commission license. The United Kingdom has a stringent license that is respected all over the globe.

It was not too long ago when it was like the Wild West with online platforms operating with no license. Fortunately, these days are now over, and operators must comply with the regulation. The role of the license is to protect gamblers using top casinos online and provide them with a sense of security. It offers safe payment methods and creates a fair gambling environment for all who visit. It keeps every gambling business on its toes and provides quality for its customers. When playing online casino games, having a license not only gives players peace of mind but also enhances the entertainment experience. This is especially true if you want to enjoy an unbeatable gaming session with complete confidence.

Popular iGaming Jurisdictions

More and more iGaming websites are obtaining a Curacao license, making it one of the most sought-after licenses in the industry. Not only is this jurisdiction extremely popular, but it’s also incredibly affordable and can be obtained within 6 weeks—perfect for online casinos that need an efficient solution to license!

Another jurisdiction that is used and probably the most difficult to get is the UK Gambling Commission license. This type of license will take longer to get approved as it is more rigorous. It can take up to 16 weeks to get approval for the UK license. The reason it is a license that is in demand is that the UK gambling industry brings in billions every year.

CasinosInformer wants to draw your attention to the iGaming license called the Malta Gaming Authority. Getting one of these licenses means you have access to the huge European market. This operator offers four types of licenses, the one that online casinos need is the right to organize games of chance with a Random Number Generator (RNG.) To receive a permit, there are five stages to go through, including several compliance audit checks. It can take up to four weeks to be considered. To acquire this permit, full and extensive examinations must be passed—a business plan review, a financial reserve test, as well as an operational systems analysis.

Ultimately, the Gibraltar license is renowned for its relatively lower taxes of just 0.15% on revenue. It has been providing licenses since 1998 through the highly reputable Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, making it one of the most esteemed options available today.

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Types of Gambling Licenses of Online Casinos

It can get a little complicated when we discuss different gambling licenses. But if you are thinking of starting an iGaming company, you will have to start the process at some point. Many of the top casinos online have already gone through this to get their licensing in order. The list below illustrates what is expected in the jurisdiction of Khawake, Isle of Man, Curacao, and Malta.

  • Master License is valid for five years and allows the issuance of sublicenses to other entities. There are only four master license holders currently, so it is not a first-time license you apply for.
  • With Sub License, the holder can offer services from Curacao. These include slots, poker, and live dealer games. This license is acquired from a master license holder.
  • Interactive
  • Gaming License can be issued one at a time and is given to an approved hosting facility in Kahnawake.
  • Gaming Service License is a B2C license that is provided for online and land-based gaming. It includes poker casinos, slots, and live dealer games.
  • Critical Gaming Supply License is a B2B license that allows an entity to carry out a vital gaming supply. It could mean supply and management, software regulatory records, or control systems.

These are just some of the licenses available for online casino companies. Each will have its own cost, but most importantly, they allow a platform to be legal and above board.


With CasinosInformer, you will find out all the important information online platforms go through. It is good to have an understanding of the various licenses so that when you choose the gambling site you will use, you can check which license they hold. This way, you will appreciate how much they paid and what steps were taken in order to secure their license approval.

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