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The use of cannabis originated in Asia, where it has been used for its healing properties. The first time the use of cannabis was documented was in 2800 BC. This means that people have been using cannabis for centuries. Over time people found other uses for cannabis, like smoking or incorporating it into their diet through different kinds of foods and drinks. Some individuals know how to use cannabis in moderation, while others fail to do so and developed an addiction. To solve this problem, people, organizations, and even authorities have found ways to prevent cannabis addictions. This article will give you an overview of the steps you can take to not overuse cannabis.

Why is cannabis addicting? 

Cannabis refers to the cannabis plant, and it is a collective name for soft drugs such as hash and weed. Where hash is made from resin, weed is made from the leaves and flowers of the plant. The effects of these two forms of soft drugs are similar because their origin lies in the same plant. When using cannabis, the experience can either be positive or a bit less pleasant. Feeling euphoric and relaxed, having a heightened sensory perception, more appetite, and laughing, and even experiencing a heightened perception of time is pleasant effects. This is why cannabis is used at parties, festivals, or even when people want to feel good. But cannabis can also make people experience a disrupted memory and learning ability, increased heart rate, anxiety, and also finding it difficult to solve problems and think. Even though these less positive effects can occur, cannabis is still addicting to a lot of its users. But why is cannabis so addicting? Well, the reason for this is that cannabis has the tendency to make the brain lazy because the brain will produce fewer neurotransmitters. The moment people show signs of mental- and physical dependency is when we can speak of cannabis addiction.

How to not overuse 

The use of cannabis can be accessible to anyone who knows where to find it. In a lot of countries, it is prohibited to sell or be in possession of cannabis. But, there are still countries where you are still able to get your hands on it easily. For example, the authorities in The Netherlands still allow individuals to have cannabis in their possession. You can find a nice coffee shop in Amsterdam where customers can buy hash or weed of the best quality. You can also just chill and relax in these coffee shops. Though, it is good to know that only citizens of The Netherlands are allowed to buy soft drugs. With regulations like this, the Dutch government wants to keep the use of hard- and soft drugs in check.  If you like to smoke a joint or roll a blunt from time to time, then you might already know what your limitations are. Are you someone who exceeds those limits on a constant basis? Then there are also ways for you to get a handle on this. First, it is important to set boundaries and to know the amount you can handle. The second is to not use cannabis to escape problems in your daily life. Last, but not least, it is not a good idea to use cannabis when you have to go to school, study, work or concentrate for a longer period of time. By incorporating these boundaries into your life, you can stop yourself from overusing cannabis.

Addicted? Here’s what you can do

If you are someone who is addicted to using cannabis, there are always ways you can get rid of your addiction. The first important thing to do is to be proud of yourself for acknowledging your struggle with cannabis and also for taking steps to get help. It doesn’t matter where you are, help is around every corner. A good step to take is to talk openly to your family and your trusted friends. They can give you the support you need, and who knows? Maybe one of your connections can provide you with a similar story. That way, you will feel less alone. Family and friends can also give you different perspectives on your situation. Are you currently in Amsterdam or the surrounding area? Then you can always approach an organization such as Jellinek. They are experts in addictions, and they can answer every question regarding substance use or abuse. Jellinek can provide addicts with the right intervention that is tailored to every individual situation. Just for informational purposes, it is good to know that adolescents and adults can go to Jellinek.

More information 

Sometimes we are not as aware of our own situation as we would like to be. Then there are others who might recognize that there is something wrong but are a little bit in denial. Maybe they start having a poor memory, puffiness under their eyes regardless of the amount of sleep, difficulty with upholding obligations, or they just can’t sleep without using cannabis. Are you someone like this? Or do you know someone like this? Then there are also other places in the Netherlands where you can get more information, such as Brijder. They know exactly how to prevent addiction or how to treat it. You can also contact them if you would like to talk to an expert who has also experienced overusing cannabis.

In conclusion, cannabis has been used by people for many centuries, but mostly for medicinal purposes. Nowadays, cannabis is smoked or consumed through foods and drinks, either in the form of hash or weed. For some people, cannabis has some pleasant effects, such as a euphoric or relaxed feeling. For others, the effects are not so pleasant. Whatever the case is, people can get addicted to cannabis, but it can be prevented by putting clear boundaries in place. There are also situations when an individual might not know how to get rid of an addiction. In that case, they can approach organizations such as Jellinek or Brijder.