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Is “normal” life going to resume anytime soon?

No matter how optimistic we want to be, truth is no one really knows when this pandemic will end. And this uncertainty turns out to be just as frightening as the virus itself. Restrictions all across the U.S. keep people at home, to prevent the virus from spreading too fast and the healthcare system to get overwhelmed.

Up until a few months ago, staying home for an entire month used to be a dream come true for many, but be careful what you wish for. Physical distancing helps us flatten the curve, but it can also take a toll on our mental health. Depression and anxiety can quickly start to set in, and make coping with the lockdown that much more difficult.

To ease off anxious feelings, people are developing their own coping mechanisms. Some seek comfort in their loved ones, some take this time to pursue new hobbies, while others have turned to more spiritual practices to find relief. These practices include meditation, praying, or scheduling a psychic reading over the phone. And while some have managed to find positive ways to deal with anxiety, others have turned to unhealthy resorts.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms

A recent survey reveals that, even though 48% of people have turned to meditation or prayer to find comfort, an alarming 22% of them said they are now using alcohol more than before. As disruptions to daily life become more severe, healthcare professionals are urged to prepare for an increase in both substance abuse and mental health issues.

Most of the time, worrying is the most unproductive thing you can do. It leads to nothing but panic, which in turn leads to anxiety, depression, and other mental health troubles. But how can you not worry, when things have changed so much, so fast?

Non-essential businesses are closed throughout the entire country, which means a significant number of people are left without jobs. The loss of a job brings further financial issues, and many Americans already have troubles achieving financial security.

Can phone psychic readings bring some alleviation?

While some turn to unhealthy habits, others are choosing a more spiritual path to get through these uncertain times – psychic readings. Numerous renowned psychics all over the United States reported as much as 20 to 30 percent growth in requests since the beginning of lockdown.

Uncertainty is what makes us feel unease, and it’s only normal to seek ways to lift this cloudy veil. According to Psychics 4 Today, the reason why people are turning to phone readings is that, since they are urged to stay at home, they can’t share energy and thoughts with other people, so they need someone to unclog these feelings that keep piling up and cloud their thinking.

What psychics are providing now is reassurance. People believe they are falling apart, but once they are taught how to see the bigger picture, they realize things are not as bad as they seem. Some may have lost their jobs, and while this is not an ideal situation, they need to hear things are going to work out in the end. Others are afraid they may contact the virus and want to know if they will survive, but psychics don’t hold the answer to everything.

How exactly does a phone reading go?

For people who never came in contact with a psychic in person, it can be hard to understand how psychic readings work. Psychics are not all-knowers or mind readers. They are energy readers that pick up on things outside of this realm. You can say psychics are some sort of soul readers, picking up on things that happen in your energy field. This is why they can sense which decisions are providing a happier resolution for you, but can’t know your birthday or your favorite book.

But how exactly do phone readings work?

Psychics use their gift, together with various divination tools, such as tarot cards, rune stones, and numerology, to give insights about a person’s life. This is why psychics don’t need to be in the same room with you to ask and receive information from their guides. By giving them permission to use their intuition on your behalf, they can do readings without you being present.

A psychic may ask for birth data such as date, hour, or place you were born, especially if they use astrology or Akashic records to aid their reading, to be able to access your energy.

In essence, a phone reading is not much different from one done in person, but because you are not there to actually see the psychic doing their work, you need to really trust your advisor has your best interest at heart.

Some psychics say they find phone-reading even more effective, as there are fewer things to distract or influence them. If you are nervous or tense, a psychic may be reluctant to give you bad news or try to make them sound less hurtful, which can influence the outcome. This does not happen because the psychic does not want to tell you the truth, but because the truth can sometimes be hard to take in.

Coping with uncertainty – is there a secret?

We are all different, so the methods we use to cope with things that are not exactly pleasant are different as well. What works for me may not work for you and the other way around, so it is up to each of us to find the healthiest and most suited way to overcome difficulties.

Some turn to psychic readings, others find new hobbies, while some don’t need to do anything at all. None of these techniques are bad, as long as they don’t affect you in a negative way.

Some may say tarot readers or clairvoyants are nothing but people with strong intuition, and this can be true, but there are many that claim talking to a psychic has changed their life. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the things you want to believe in.