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With the unprecedented growth of online casinos nowadays, it is easy to get carried away when playing the games, especially if the online casino platform you chose offers thrilling gameplay and fantastic perks, such as GGBet casino no deposit bonus. However, not every online casino platform out there will provide you with a fair chance when playing their games. Some platforms are rigged, and they are rampant. It is vital that you are knowledgeable on how to spot them. This article will take on pointers on how you can avoid rigged Internet casinos.

Do Online Casinos Cheat?

Reputable online casinos do not cheat, so you must distinguish these from the rest of the other online casinos in the industry.

Some illegal operators try to scam casino players by rigging their systems.

Hence, it is strongly advisable that you only gamble at fully licensed and secure websites to ensure you play the games fairly and get consistent winnings.

Why Casino Players Think Online Casinos Are Rigged

First and foremost, here is a red flag: when you spin your favorite slots, and you are consistently not hitting the bonus rounds, or you are only hitting the smaller jackpots, there is a massive chance that the game may be rigged.

And since you are playing over the Internet, you are blinded to what happens behind the scenes. Therefore, players may question whether online casinos are rigged if they consistently lose.

Below are some reasons gamblers might think and feel they are being cheated upon when playing online casinos.

  • Cheating happens in land-based casinos.
  • Online casino games have software-generated games.
  • Games can have low or high volatility.
  • The house keeps an advantage.

Next up, you will learn how to spot and identify if online casinos are cheating or rigged.

How To Know If Online Casinos Are Cheating

It is normal to feel that the games you play at an online casino may be rigged, especially if you are unhappy with your results. The first thing you must remember is that casinos are games of chance, and it is pretty usual to see your bets lose, even if the game is not rigged. Winning is possible, but this remains less frequent.

Remember, the casino software’s source code cannot be modified, and the operators know this. This might be why players think the games are rigged, especially if they are frequently losing, but the games are not actually rigged. However, specific pointers can help you spot whether the casino game is rigged or not.

When playing the casino, you must learn about the statistics and probabilities inherent in the game you want to play. It is possible to experience extended unlucky streaks, and when they happen, you might think the game is rigged, even if the platform is reputable.

Many online casino games are very reliable. They are monitored, controlled, and no operator has the power to meddle in the game, change the code, for instance, and make the next spin according to the operator’s favor.

Bear this in mind: detecting cheating at a casino is very tricky. But there are steps you can take or considerations you can take note of to make sure the casino games you are playing are not rigged.

1. Lack Of Transparency 

First is the lack of transparency. If an Internet casino is not transparent about its licensing, regulations, and the way its games are tested, they are most likely not trustworthy. They could be fly-by-night or rogue operators providing rigged games and unfair gameplay.

2. Bad Reviews

Reading reviews about the online casino you are playing is a good habit that will benefit you in the long run. If the gambling website has several negative reviews about its gameplay, the games are probably rigged in the operator’s favor. Casinos that offer unfair gameplay often receive poor reviews from players who learn about their system.

3. Payout Problems

Another tell-tale sign that an online casino is rigged is in its payment system. Have you ever read reviews about an online casino that say the casino does not pay out winnings? If you find the online casino you are playing featured in these bad reviews, avoid the operator at all costs. Rogue Internet casinos often take advantage of players and refuse to give out the winnings.

4. Dealers Won’t Answer Questions

Another sign that an online casino is rigged is with the dealers. A dealer at a live casino table game is there to run the game, converse with you, and provide you with the details and information you are looking for. If the dealer is not answering your questions, the games may not be legit.

What Makes An Online Casino Trustworthy And Safe?

Here are the characteristics that make an online casino trustworthy, safe, and not rigged. You can play at these casinos that bear these characteristics.

1. Solid Reputation

Operators with good reputations have proven they provide safe and trustworthy casino gaming experiences. You should proceed to read reviews of your online casino operator, particularly those covering live dealer casino games.

2. Transparency 

A reputable online casino does not hide anything. Choose to play at online casino platforms that are transparent with all information about the company, including its licensing, testing results, regulation, and the like.

3. Independent Testing

From the player’s perspective, it is also their responsibility to determine whether the operator has undergone independent testing. Find information on whether the games are tested for fairness. In this way, you can avoid games that are rigged.

4. Regular Auditing

The most reputable live dealer sites have regular audits. Regulators and third-party institutions audit the games to ensure they are fair, not rigged.

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