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As with any game that employs an element of luck, games like poker/dominoqq provides a certain thrill. Some people can handle it, some people hate it and some people cannot get enough. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, however, gambling addictions can manifest in a variety of ways but they are all potentially very dangerous. This is a brief guide intended to inform you about the dangers of a poker/gambling addiction.

What is Poker Addiction?

As with most other addictions, the tell-tale sign of a poker addiction is an overreliance on the game to the extent where most or even all other activities take a back seat in favor of playing. The process is gradual, and can take months to years to fully manifest but if you’re worried about yourself or a loved one developing an addiction, look for the following characteristics and changes in behavior:

  • Spending all spare time playing poker, whether in person or online or even making extra free time to play poker
  • Displaying an inability to tell the difference between money put aside for poker/other leisure spending and money needed for basic necessities such as food or bills
  • Borrowing money in increasingly dangerous or questionable ways to play poker
  • Anger issues, mood swings, depression, or anxiety linked to poker habits
  • Being dishonest about the amount of time and the amount of money spent on poker when questioned by friends or loved ones

How is it facilitated in a Modern Society?

A considerable and noticeable issue that facilitates gambling addiction is the ease of accessibility. With hundreds to thousands of online sites that allow you to gamble and play poker as much as you want, the ability to get a fix whenever the player wants has become far too convenient. #

On top of this, Casinos do not always have the player’s best interests in mind when in attendance. With profit margins to meet and little interest in managing a player’s funds for them, they have been known to let an addict go broke on their premises.

How it can affect you?

For the sufferer of gambling addiction, the effects are far-reaching. Ruining relationships and taking all the addict’s money is but a small part of it. It can cost the player their job and produce long-lasting damage to their mental health,

If someone you know is suffering, you may notice that they rather spend time gambling than anything else. It can be a harrowing series of events to witness a friend or loved one go through that experience and sometimes the only way they can get out of it is with your help. If you see someone struggling, say something and reach out for help for them if you feel the need.

Ways to mitigate it?

Joining anonymous help groups such as GamCare, Gambler’s Anonymous or gamblingtherapy.org can be a substantial effort in mitigating the effects of the addiction. Support groups can assist by putting the individual in contact with other people who are recovering