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One thing that is quite obvious when buying a house is that any place you move to has pros and cons. The majority of people often seek out an equilibrium that they can live with. Bokeelia is not exempt from this either. It is a little town that is situated on Florida’s coast. 

Being an island, there is less movement than there is in other places. Since the town is a tourist destination, people frequently visit to satisfy their needs or even buy a property with the help of Bokeelia fl real estate, where they can find the best variants. Canoes and other watercraft are highly prevalent in this area, and fishing is very widespread along the island’s coastline. Read on and get enlightened on the pros and cons of living in this amazing city.


Low costs of living

The fact that Bokeelia has a meager cost of living is one of the aspects that makes it desirable. The average person will actually spend less than $250000 on a home. This location also has a rather lax taxation, which is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs starting their businesses. Personal-level income taxes are not levied on individuals, making the taxation conditions even better.

High return on interest

Many investors have been collecting large amounts of interest for themselves due to the town’s recent economic development. Many individuals are still choosing Bokeelia as their home, and the majority of them are permanently shifting.

The population surge has increased profit margins, making it the best place to invest. Consequently, salary increments play a significant role in these developments, and the likelihood of a sizable number of employees being given the option to work remotely has further sped up the process. 


This town’s welcoming environment has favored a lot of people. As a result of its mild climate, it has consistently proven to be economically advantageous.

Healthcare availability

This is one of the most crucial factors that anyone looking to buy a home should consider. Health is extremely important, and most individuals searching for houses will look in areas where these services are consistently available and, as a result, reasonably priced.

Low crime rate

You should be aware that Bokeelia has an extremely low crime rate compared to other cities if you are considering moving there. This does not imply that you are completely safe in Bokeelia. Some locations have been designated as unsafe, so you might wish to avoid going there. Otherwise, it’s a secure location with lots of fun activities that the family may enjoy. According to recent research, the violent crime rate was 0 per 1000 persons, while the overall crime rate was 2 per 1000.


There are a few cons that you should consider:

Low pooling of funds

The population size of this town remains very small, with an average of 1500 people. The average cost of living compared to other towns with much bigger populations is expensive. This is because, with a large population, it is easy to pool funds and work toward solving a problem. In small towns, the funds that can be pooled are minimal, and as a result, the cost comes back to be very expensive for each individual.

Declining population rate

In the last five years, Bokeelia’s population has been gradually falling. Even though there are numerous reasons why a population reduction may occur, it is still something to be aware of. A city’s population may decline due to several circumstances or a single serious incident. 

Residents may leave a community for a variety of reasons, including long-term demographic trends like the low birth rate or emigration or short-term calamities like pandemics, wars, food shortages, and other disasters. These could also significantly impact an additional depopulation owing to economic effects, as they would reduce the necessity for essential services like hotels, restaurants, and stores. As a result, the employment sector suffers.

The quantity of recently sold properties is one crucial metric for assessing an area’s suitability. It might be a sign of an emerging area with individuals looking to settle there if a large percentage of properties sold in the previous, let’s say, five years. However, a community with few home sales while on the market may indicate that the current occupants are planning to leave. It would be helpful to talk to the locals to learn what they liked or disliked about living in this area.

You can think about a few other factors in addition to the main one before making the decision. Look at the house plans that are now on the market; if you discover that they are all the same, it is evident that the homeowner’s association does not accommodate developers and places restrictions on them. The number of parking spaces available and how well-kept the neighborhood is should also be taken into account.