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Breast cancer affects millions of patients worldwide. It is usually more common in women than in men. In breast cancer, early detection and treatment are extremely important. At the early stages of breast cancer, the chances of recovery are the highest.

That is why it is so important to choose the best clinic for medical examination and subsequent therapy. The majority of patients choose treatment in foreign countries. The leaders in breast cancer treatment at the moment are Germany, Israel and Turkey. Here you can find the most modern equipment, which allows performing a wide range of the latest therapeutic procedures.


Most tumors that arise in the breast are benign. They grow slowly, their cells do not have any significant differences from healthy cells, and they do not spread to other organs or parts of the body.

It is important to recognize the manifestations of breast cancer:

  • Nipple discharge
  • Pain in the breast or in the nipple area
  • Appearance of dense nodes in the axillary area
  • Ulcerated skin in the breast area
  • Swelling of the breast
  • Unexplained weight loss

The listed symptoms do not always indicate breast cancer. However, only a doctor can detect a malignant disease after examining you. If you notice one or more of these symptoms, you should see your general practitioner for an unscheduled medical check-up.

Conventional treatments

Unfortunately, many countries still use old traditional methods to treat cancer. One of these is a surgical treatment for advanced breast cancer. This method has numerous side effects, as well as low efficiency in comparison with more modern and sparing methods.

In addition to surgery, breast cancer patients often have chemotherapy, hormone treatment, targeted therapies, and radiation therapy. In the medical centers in Europe, you can get treatment of breast cancer with more modern methods. This will allow you not to worry about the side effects of cancer treatment.

Advanced treatment

The choice of treatment depends on many factors, such as the stage of the disease, the age of the woman, the type and growth rate of the tumor. Treatment in European hospitals implies a comprehensive approach to the treatment of oncology. This is achieved through an optimal combination of surgery, radiotherapy, and systemic therapies.

Today, one of the most advanced radiotherapy methods is proton therapy. Proton beam therapy is an effective and safe method of irradiation. Breast cancer patients treated with proton therapy have a significant improvement in their overall condition, as well as minimal side effects.

Thanks to proton therapy for breast cancer, doctors can treat breast tumors of almost any localization without harming the lungs and heart.

Treatment during a COVID-19 pandemic

As you know, many countries have closed their borders because of COVID-19. This created many difficulties for patients who wanted to undergo treatment abroad. Today, thousands of patients are unable to get the necessary high-tech treatment in Europe.

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Ways to save money during treatment

Many patients want to be treated at the best proton beam therapy centers in Europe but are afraid that it will be too expensive. Thanks to the work of the medical tourism operator Booking Health, treatment abroad is now affordable for both patients with health insurance and self-payers. With the help of Booking Health, everyone can undergo treatment in European hospitals without wasting time and money.

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  • Medical insurance
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