Aquamarine is called Aquamarine in English. “Aqua” means water. “Marine” means ocean. It can be seen how much the name of the stone is attached to its color. If you love the blue sky and the sea, then it is natural that you will fall in love with aquamarine. In mineralogy, aquamarines, emeralds and green gemstones are known as beryl.

Although the preciousness of aquamarine is not as precious as emerald, the aquamarine has a romantic ocean-like color and is also reminiscent of the blue sky. The transparent to translucent blue gem can relieve the mood. It has long been loved by people. The world’s most famous aquamarine is produced in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil; followed by Russia, China, and other regions.

As a long-established gem, aquamarine also has some historical legends intertwined with expectations and superstition. It is considered a symbol of happiness and youthfulness forever. The luminous gems of the Queen’s Aquamarine are azure to sea blue, and the aquamarine will be more dazzling than the daylight, and it has earned it the reputation of “Queen of Night Gem.” Try putting some colored gems, including aquamarine, in a dimly lit room, and you’ll find that the relatively shiny one must be aquamarine!

Legend showed that a group of mermaids live in the blue sea. They usually use aquamarine as their own custom name necklace to dress themselves up. Once they encounter a critical moment, they only need to let the gemstones receive the sunlight, so they can get mysterious power to help themselves. Therefore, aquamarine, there is also a nickname “Mermaid Stone,” which coincides with the Pisces in March.

The birthstone of March, whether in the East or the West, regards water as the source of life, and March is the time when all the creatures on the earth are active, so the aquamarine with the “water” attribute is defined as March birthstone which symbolizes calmness, courage, and intelligence. Westerners generally believe that wearing aquamarine can make people have a foresight. According to the legend of Fusion Stone, this beautiful gem is produced on the seabed and is the essence of seawater. Therefore, it is a voyager who prays that Poseidon will protect the safety of navigation and call it “Fu Shen Stone.”

With a sweet “stone of love” in addition to blessing peace, aquamarine is also called “the stone of love.” In ancient Greek mythology, there was a god of wind called Roland, handsome and low-ranking. Later he fell in love with a mortal woman. This was not allowed for the gods at that time. In order to be true to his love, he did not hesitate to give his life. Before he died, Roland pleaded with the goddess Venus to seal his soul in aquamarine as the birthstone of the birth of March, and to help people find their love.

Therefore, people in Mediterranean countries like to wear aquamarine so that they can have a sweet love and maintain a happy marriage. Easy to control fashion luxury and small fresh Princess aquamarine is also an indispensable element of the famous jewelry brand luxury jewelry, one of the designer’s favorite gemstone varieties. The sparkling color is presented in a fun and beautiful way in different styles, making the gem a unique piece of cheap personalized jewelry with a modern and highly inlaid design.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite became a fish hiding in the river in order to escape the attack of the giant god Tifeng. Van Cleef & Arpels draws inspiration from this story, using inlaid diamonds to express the bubbles in the river, and a glorious aquamarine in the middle symbolizes the clarified river. The platinum bracelet in the Sortilège de Cartier collection is decorated with pear-shaped aquamarine Tiffany & Co. “stone on the bird” and a delicate ribbon brooch to highlight the purity and elegance of the sea sapphire.

Aquamarine infinity necklace – aquamarine-based stone, diamond-embellished short necklace, was made in 1950, and the minimalist aesthetic has completely overwhelmed the luxurious decoration style. The bundled heart is Verdura’s classic design, and the 90-carat giant blue sapphire is very shocking. Dior aquamarine diamond ring Chopard and Disney’s jewelry collection are inspired by the fairytale world of the princess image, including Below the Cinderella earrings are blue drops of aquamarine with pearls in the middle. The chicest is the five-petal flower of the upper triangular aquamarine and diamonds, showing the noble
the temperament of the Chopin Disney Princess collection.

The evaluation of the members of the royal family wearing aquamarine crowns and the purchase of aquamarine are characterized by sky blue, sea blue, glass luster, fewer inclusions, clean and transparent. The main factors of the evaluation are color, transparency, clarity, and weight. The color is deep, flawless, and the bigger size is good.

Most of the aquamarine is light blue with a slight greenish tint, and the color is like the shallow sea of the resort, fresh and pleasant. It is best to be bright and clean, bright blue to light blue. Most of the tips for aquamarine are not strong, so if the volume is too small, the color will not be displayed well. The same color, if the gems are large particles will change a lot, the blue tone will also look a lot more beautiful. Aquamarine is brittle, afraid of high temperature, easy to burst at high temperatures, and will fade when exposed to fire. Remember avoiding fire when wearing.