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Have you ever availed of those two-for-one offers? I am sure you would have at least once. Because everyone is urged to take this deal the first time and that experience defines if he/she would trust any company for its word ever again. I remember the first time I ordered a two-pizza-in-the-price-of-one deal; it turned out to be the first thing ever. For quite a long time, I restricted myself from falling into such a trap again. However, I did figure out that such a mindset is also wrong. One cannot judge all the businesses in the same way, and honestly, it has been a pleasure since then. When it comes to bundling deals, all you need to do is be careful and trust a respectable company.

In this article, we will discuss the definition of bundling and the reasons you should bundle your phone, TV, and internet services.

What is bundling?

Bundling can be defined as offering two or more services in a package form at a reduced rate. Bundle deals are mostly combinations of phone, TV, and internet services. The common bundling types are briefly described below:

Double Bundle

Combination of two distinct services that can be phone, TV, or internet. Depending upon the provider, you can make any choices regarding the service level.

Triple Bundle

Combination of three distinct services that are phone, TV, and internet. Customers are provided with multiple options regarding the size and magnitude of the package.

A study conducted by Deloitte in 2018 states that almost 56 percent of U.S. citizens have kept on using their cable TV subscription only for the sake of the bundle deals. This is because the overall price of services decreases significantly when they are bundled up. Taking the example of Spectrum triple play, you can get excellent internet speeds with no data caps, more than 125 channels, unlimited nationwide calling, and additional perks in just 102.97 USD. Subscribing to all these services in standalone packages would cost a lot more.

Reasons to bundle up your phone, TV, and internet

Being a subscriber of the triple bundle, I can assure you that this choice makes it all convenient. Borrowing from my personal experience, I have put together a list of reasons as to why you should consider bundling your phone, TV, and internet services.


First things first: a bundle plan is simply light on the pocket. This is on the grounds that you are taking all three services from the very provider and that is the thing that makes them value you even more – for you to attempt each one of their services and stick to them as well. Service providers are adamant about providing you the best of services and keeping you satisfied with themselves. For such reason, they charge you way less on bundle deals to ensure your long-lasting engagement with their brand.

Durable Provider-Client Relationship 

When subscribed to a bundle deal, you can rely on your relationship with the service provider. Providers tend to care more about the clients who opt for all three services. This is because such clients cost them more and so the clients have an upper hand in negotiations and any other reasoning.

If you are a triple bundle subscriber, you can ask for discounts, extra benefits, and exclusive treatment at all times.

Furthermore, you do not have to care about connectivity issues at all. You can keep in contact with all your friends and family around the globe. It does not make any difference if they have a poor internet connection, because you can always turn to phone service.

Freedom and Flexibility

Some service providers offer you the opportunity to alter your bundle deals as well. If you think you would not need all three services, you can opt to choose only two of them. For example, if you are a frequent traveler and do not care about cable TV, you can just discuss it with the provider and choose a double bundle of phone and internet.

Besides, a rather flexible thing about bundles is the billing system. Bundling all these services means that you would only get one bill monthly with everything mentioned clearly. This would save you time and effort to pay each bill separately.

Constant Entertainment 

Have a get-together or arrange a movie night, it will all be up to you when your cable, internet, and phone are aligned. Want to play DJ at your own party? Sure, get everybody moving on the grooves of Spotify or YouTube. With a bundle deal so good, you can be sure that you have a constant source of entertainment. If you get bored from watching cable TV, you can stream anything. Your game scores will never have to be embarrassing once the high-speed internet starts shining. Want to do nothing but have a heart-to-heart conversation with your friend? Do it immediately with your unlimited calling option. If this is not true bliss, I do not know what is!

No Limits 

Numerous providers lie about their services including zero data cap policy, and internet speed levels, etc.  Due to such reasons, it is fundamental for you to choose a service provider that matches your requirements in the best manner.

The following points can help you in this process:

  • Prepare a comparison of service providers of your choice
  • Shortlist the best-suited providers
  • Check out their google reviews and expert opinions
  • Explore their site for packages and deals
  • Go through their social media profiles and check out the way their customers review them
  • After due diligence, pick out a service provider that suits you the most
  • Once you have a decision, make sure to commit to it
  • Before signing any deal, make sure to clear all the nitty-gritty elements of the contract. Contact their customer support team, discuss everything to ease your mind, and do not leave anything unanswered. A quick tip is to make a list of questions you need an answer to.
  • Sign up with your bundle deal to enjoy endlessly!