It is scientifically proven that vaporizers are less harmful than smoking which is why more and more people are now turning to vaping than smoking, be it nicotine or cannabis products. This is because, with smoking, you are burning products and are creating tars, carcinogens, and other toxic substances. With vaping, there is no combustion process, and only vapor is produced. Although vaping is the cleaner, healthier, and safer choice, there are still specific hazards than can occur and must be prevented when vaping such as vaping explosions. This rarely happens, but still has the probability of occurring, which is why you have to remember these safety precautions when vaping.


Vaporizers that are portable are all battery-powered. These are the most common vaporizers bought in the market. These batteries are electric mobile energy sources that deliver energy by allowing electrolytes to move as ions to an external circuit. Most commonly, these are lithium-ion batteries that have low self-discharge rate and high energy densities. A lithium-ion battery is known to contain flammable electrolytes. If kept pressurized, the battery may deteriorate.

Here are some safety tips you need to know and follow:


It is essential to check your batteries every time you use them. It is also advised to replace your batteries every six months since through time, their quality decreases. The better quality they have, the better vaping experience you get and with less exposure to hazards.

Safe Charging

To keep your batteries in shape, you must follow the charging instructions given by the manufacturer of the vaporizer or the batteries. Making a charging habit is a good practice for your batteries. You must set a time when you charge them and follow the length of time specified in the instructions every time you charge it. One of the things you should avoid is overcharging your batteries as they may rupture and result in the batteries’ explosion.

It is also best to charge your vaporizers or batteries through a wall socket since laptops, TVs, cars, and other possible charging devices may provide an inconsistent flow of power. This can also damage your batteries.

Handling Vaporizers

Do not keep vaporizers in pockets that have other metal elements that can conduct electricity. Vaporizers are designed to be pocket-sized but make sure the pocket you slid it in is free of metal items. If electricity is induced, it may cause sparks and explosions. This goes the same when you are putting it in your bag. Keep it away from conductive objects.

Also, be conscious of your battery’s temperature. Let it rest when it becomes too hot as it is dangerous for it to overheat. Loosen the connection between the battery and atomizer if you are not using it, especially when your vaporizer has sensitive buttons.

Device quality

Be sure to buy vaporizers from reputable brands or sellers. As there are different kinds of vaporizers, such as a vaporizer for concentrate products, dry herbs, waxes, and such, there are also other kinds of companies and manufacturers that provide varying quality products. You can also avoid hazards by making sure your device and its parts are of topnotch quality.