Damaged cars waiting in a scrapyard to be recycled or used for spare part

Are you aware that you can sell your old company vehicles to cash-for-car companies? And yes, you can get fast cash from this transaction. Company cars, vans, and trucks will reach a point of getting outdated and worn out. When this scenario happens, business owners can sell and replace them with new ones to avoid accidents and delays in work operations.

Many junkyards and car removal companies scrap company vehicles by offering cash for car deals. Cash for car refers to quick transactions of buying vehicles, mostly for scrapping purposes or salvaging useful parts to resell in the market.

In this article, you’ll learn some helpful cash-for-car tips to obtain the highest possible value for your old or wrecked company vehicle.

Choose A Trusted Cash For Car Company

Dealing with a trusted cash-for-car company can improve your next vehicle buying experience and uninterrupted business operations. You can work with a trusted company that offers cash for car removal Hamilton or one in your area.

You might need to sell your old company car quickly to buy a new one to keep up with order deliveries and pickups. Just a day of delay can cause a high backlog, affecting your customer satisfaction and company reputation.

So, how do you choose a trusted cash-for-car and car removal company? Here are some considerations:

Accepts All Types Of Vehicles

Choose a reputable cash-for-cars company that buys all makes and models of vehicles, from sedan cars, vans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. The company offers irresistible prices for all types of company vehicles.

Prompt Offer And Vehicle Pick Up

Because businesses are always busy, it’s a must to determine how soon the company can give an offer and pick up your company car. That way, you can empty your parking area and get quick cash to put in as a down payment for a new company car.

Read Reviews

The most reputable cash-for-car companies have many positive reviews. You can read reviews on their websites, social media pages, and third-party review sites. Getting advice from other people, such as your fellow business owners, is also a good idea.

Check The Scrap Value Of Your Company Car

Do you have several company vehicles sitting in your parking area that haven’t been used for years? You might want to sell them to cash for cars and removal companies. However, before doing so, it’s important to have an idea of the scrap value of your company car to obtain the best offer in a cash-for-car deal.

Here are the important factors to consider when checking the scrap value of your company car:

Year, Make, And Model

The year, make, and model determine the value of a scrap or junk company car. Because company cars have different scrap values, a rule of thumb is to determine the used value of the vehicle. Scrap company vehicles are usually worth 20-40% of their used value. Moreover, cash-for-car removals tend to offer higher prices for company cars with in-demand parts. The same applies to commonly driven, useful, and rare-to-find company vehicles.

Scrap Metal Price

Scrapping companies also price junk company cars according to their scrap metal value. On average, a car has 300 lbs. of aluminum and 2,400 lbs. of steel that recycling facilities can use to manufacture new products. The prices of scrap metals like aluminum and steel vary depending on the emerging market values and supply and demand.

Vehicle Condition

The condition of your company car is also a big consideration for a scrapping company. Cash-for-car removal companies have expert auto mechanics to check whether the spare components are still in good condition for parts sales or treated as scrap metal. They also determine if company vehicles can be restored to their working condition for used-car sales.

Consider The Vehicle Location

The location of the company vehicle for scrap sale is another important consideration for cash-for-car companies. These companies spend money to pick up junk vehicles to pay for gasoline and crew to do the job.

The cash buyer might offer a lower quote when your junk company car is located in a rural or far area of the state. But suppose your company car is within the central business district. In that case, the scrapping company can easily pick up your company car and bring it to the intended sorting and recycling facilities. So, you’ll get a higher quote.

If your company car is still working, driving it to the junkyard yourself is best. It’s less hassle because the scrapping company doesn’t need to pick up your company car. So, you can get higher take-home cash.

Hire A Professional

Hire a licensed and experienced auto mechanic in your area to get expert advice about how much your company car is worth. When hiring an auto mechanic, choose one from a reputable company.

Many auto mechanics usually refer reputable junkyards and cash-for-car removal companies to their clients. However, beware of some gimmicks and tactics. Clients might not be aware that their auto mechanics also work for the scrapping companies they endorse. So, take due diligence to conduct in-depth research.

Perfect Timing To Sell Your Junk Car

If you have a vehicle rental business, your clients want to obtain the best car rental deal. The same mindset applies when you decide to sell your scrap company vehicle. It’s essential to know the best time to ask for quotes.

Generally, business revenues are down during the rainy season or months when severe weather strikes. You can take advantage of these times to take car-for-cash quotes from several companies.

In the same way, holidays are the perfect time to ask for quotes because many scrap companies want to take advantage of the peak season. During this time, people receive bonuses, buy new vehicles to replace old ones, and sell them to junk yards.


Scrapping company vehicles is possible with cash-for-car deals. Before you agree to a cash-for-car deal, you must know your company car’s market and scrap values. Moreover, you can seek professional help and read helpful resources. All these steps can help you set the right expectation of what your company car is worth.