Almost 59% of the world’s population use the internet actively. This shows that internet use has immensely increased and with each passing year, more and more people are entering the digital world.

With such expansion and far-reaching range throughout the globe, the internet poses great opportunities for marketing as well.

It is no longer a way of killing your boredom, it has rather become a global hub where businesses and trading occur on a daily basis.

And where there is business, there is marketing.

This is why the two terms that have been circulating a lot for quite some time now, SEO and SMM, are the talk of the town wherever we go.

The reason for the circulation of these two terms is that they both are great tools for digital marketing.

SEO, in simple words, is a way of optimizing your website such that it appears in the top result on a search engine.

It is an integrated process of bringing massive traffic to the web page; be it any kind of promotional website or blog.

Which makes it a great marketing tool over the internet.

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Like any conventional marketing, this too needs a team and specialized workers.

When it comes to the SEO team, there are generally more than one or two persons involved who perform the work of searching for keywords, generating keywords, producing meaningful content around them, editing and proofreading the content, content managing, and much more.

There is so much work that goes into search engine optimization. So, don’t you think you could have one of these skills and can monetize them here?

Well, you might not be sure about that, but we are. We know you would have something in you, either research expertise or good writing, that you can use to Make Money Online –

After SEO, comes another famous digital marketing tool, SMM. It is easily one of those marketing tools that are gaining immense popularity each day and becoming the ultimate name of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes both organic marketing as well as that digital marketing in which the main platform is any of the social media sites.

Nowadays, we find the online presence of any business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This presence on all these social media platforms is not just a choice anymore, but it has become the need of the hour.

Through social media, an insane amount of traffic and consumers get attracted to a business.

And just like SEO, SMM too involves an entire team; Social media manager, content producer, influencers, etc.

Organic SMM involves generating traffic naturally, through creating relevant content. Paid SMM involves ads, sponsors, and campaigns.

You can easily find an earning opportunity here as well, either by becoming an influencer and advertising the business or by becoming involved in SMM of the business itself.

No matter which tool you prefer and decides to use to earn money, you will have an equal possibility of growing and learning as digital marketing, entirely, is the future marketing hub.