Despite being relatively warm and mild, this autumn is already demanding lots of attention to itself. After the tough pandemic summer, we are returning to the shorter and busier days. But the pandemic isn’t the only reason to care about your health; the autumn itself is too! Let’s see what we can do to stay fit and happy during the colder autumn months and to prepare for winter.

Vitamin D

Usually, our bodies create Vitamin D while we are sunbathing or just walking around under the bright sun. This summer, we didn’t have many opportunities to go on vacations (cheers to those who have their backyards!), so we need to think about getting some extra Vitamin D during the autumn. This vitamin is essential for us: it boosts both our mood and our immune system. It is also critically needed for kids’ growth, so if you have some little ones at home, take care of them too! Read more on its impact on health on Vitamin D can be received from the fat fish mostly, or it can be taken in capsules if you are vegan or don’t like fish that much.

Autumn activities

All the autumn pictures with books, warm tea, or cocoa and blankets are there for a reason. Nature slows down, the days become shorter, and our bodies react accordingly. Shorter days make our hormonal system make a slight shift, so we are also slowing down a bit. Autumn is also a time of extra care for those who have depressions or just mood shifts. It’s always a good idea to keep a journal and track down your daily mood to understand how autumn affects you. Also, try to dedicate more time for yourself, leisure activities, meditation, and self-exploration.

Do your yearly check-up

Whether we want it or not, autumn is a flu season. And it’s always a good idea to visit your doctor for a health check-up, get vaccinated, and learn about possible health issues. Ask about the ways to boost your immune system: from the obvious ones such as drinking plenty of water, washing your hands, eating healthy food, and doing sports to the complete treatment and immune boost program. It will also be great to offer all your family to go through a yearly check-up because family immunity is no less important than the individual one. Even if one family member gets sick, the others, who watch their health closely, will stay healthy and help the sick one to recover as fast as possible.

Make your plans for the winter

Remember about the Daylight Savings Time (if you have it in your region). You’ll go to bed earlier and have less daylight time, so think about the indoor activities. Buy some tabletop games, invite friends, subscribe to Netflix, or buy a set of your favorite computer games. The autumn weather might not be beneficial for the long walks, so think about the activities you may enjoy without leaving your home. It is natural for humans to hibernate in winter if we don’t have activities that make us happy and keep us busy. It shouldn’t be work only, because when nature goes to sleep, we need more enjoyable activities to stay productive and feel better.

Think about your skin

The harsh and cold weather tends to make our skin dry, and lots of layers of clothes prevent natural ventilation. So, disregarding of sex, age, and activities, we need to take care of our skin and hair during the cold period. Moisture your skin, use lotions, and lip balms to keep your skin protected from the elements. It may not be obvious, but at the beginning of the autumn, you still have to use sunscreen, because it is easy to get burnt even in September. Your hair also needs extra care in autumn, because the damp weather outside and the dried air in the house may cause damage to your hair, especially if it was colored.

Check your wardrobe and storage

Sometimes your clothes need revising. Since last autumn, your size could have changed; some clothes may need repair or are simply out of fashion. Check if you have enough protective layers for any autumn or winter weather: gloves, sweaters, scarves, earmuffs, hats, warm socks and boots. Check your weather forecast for this winter and prepare yourself accordingly. Prepare your home for the winter too. Do you have a shovel, a flashlight, and a working heater?

Some people love autumn, some consider it not the best season of the year, but we can’t prevent it from coming. But what we can is to prepare ourselves physically and mentally and meet the autumn in our best mood!