The use of the internet is increasing day by day. In the initial days of the internet, only adults were allowed to use the internet or knew how to use the internet, but nowadays even kids have quite a command on the uses of the internet. Since we use the internet to carry out our daily activities; thus, it is practically impossible to keep your kids away from it even if you know that it is not a place for kids.

Since kids have started to use the internet, parents have become a bit concerned about their online safety.  According to the parents, the best way to keep the kids safe online is to get spyware software that allows them to keep track of their kid’s digital activities.

For some parents, this is unethical as they believe that the kids should be taught to differentiate between good and bad.  But others believe that kids cannot understand what is good and what is bad on the Internet at an early age as they only see the world as a good place.

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There is a debate on whether the parent should spy on their kid’s digital activities or not.  But since there has been an increase in that digital crime has many parents have adopted the use of pirated software because that is the only way that they can keep their kids safe.  Some of the basic cybercrimes that have been quite popular in recent years are;

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Cyberbullying

Out of all the cybercrime, cyberbullying is the most common among kids. Having a social media presence has become a norm in the society and even kids these days have social media accounts, and most of these accounts are password protected thus parents cannot keep an eye on their kids’ social activities on the Internet at all times.

If you choose to use parental control applications, then you have to make sure that you are getting a trusted app and hoverwatch is one of the most trusted ones.

Plus kids these days are quite private as well. They do not like to share much of the information with their parents or their teachers in case they are being bullied. That is where parental control applications come in and help you monitor your child’s online activities. Some of the features that you can get from parental control apps are;

  • Protect your kid’s reputation
  • Protect against cyberbullying
  • Monitor activities
  • Track location

Even though the parental control applications come in quite handy and allow you to make sure that your kids only carry out appropriate and safe activities on the internet, but there are some reasons due to which many parents do not want to use parental control applications. Some of those reasons are;

  • They are unethical
  • They can destroy parent-kid relation
  • They are not always safe

There is no simple answer to whether you should use parental control applications or not.