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Writing essays is a students’ daily routine. They have to compose hundreds of papers during their academic path. And it would be reasonable to think that their writing abilities are so high that essays end up being impeccable. Unfortunately, this is not true. Students find it challenging to write a flawless essay. And even though the content might be outstanding, grammar is weak, which, in turn, results in mediocre and low grades. If you can relate to this problem and are looking for ways to write an English essay without mistakes, you have come to the right place. This article enlists the most straightforward and practical tips on writing an English paper without grammatical errors.

Proofread Your Essay From Finish To Start

If you are short on time and have to complete the paper quickly and submit it, this tip is for you. Indeed, sending essays without proofreading is the dead-end. It will make you no good. Even quick proofreading will make your chances of getting a higher grade higher! This college essay writing service confirms that many students neglect to proofread their works. As a result, the grades they get do not meet their expectations.

The simplest and less time-consuming proofreading is checking your paper backward. All you need to do is start reading your essay from the end. This approach breaks your mind’s understanding that it was you who wrote the paper. Furthermore, you can stay focused for a longer time and spot concealed mistakes.

Write An Essay And Proofread It Later

This tip is for those who don’t like to rush and have their deadlines in days. When we write—be it a personal statement, an essay, or a letter—we are fully aware of the content we produce. We know the patterns, and we realize what thought goes one after another. Checking your paper right after writing is inefficient. Your brain won’t catch any mistakes, as it remembers the text. So, what to do when you have time and a finished paper?

You need to change your concentration and completely forget about what you have written. Taking a shower, eating a snack, drinking water, or chatting with your friends is a great option. Don’t think about the paper; you still have plenty of time to check it.

Use Dictionary

Using a dictionary is a traditional yet effective way to check your grammar. Look through the words in your essay and highlight those that might sound unnaturally. You can misspell the word and forget about it. Suffice to say, it will be a mistake influencing your final grade. So, check the words in a dictionary. Online dictionaries usually have examples for every sought word. They will help you understand whether you used and spelled a word correctly.

Utilize Tools

Many people declare that spell checkers are not accurate, and everyone must stay away from them. Indeed, they might be inaccurate. However, with the rapid technology development, such tools have become a go-to option for every writer. Although they are not ideal, they provide excellent assistance when writing any text.

Fortunately, the demand has spawned numerous tools. And you can choose any app your heart desires. But consider checking Grammarly. It has long been considered the best checker in the market. Grammarly provides fruitful assistance with your grammar, word choice, and punctuation. You can paste your text in it, and it will show you what you have to correct. Moreover, Grammarly works in Google Docs, which can save you lots of time! It has a free version, which will satisfy your needs in English essay writing.

Pay Attention To Commas, Semicolons, and Colons

Students are prone to adding commas, semicolons, and colons when they aren’t needed. Or, they can miss them when they are required. If you want to get rid of punctuation misuse, you should turn to rules for using commas, semicolons, and colons. A comma is often used when:

  • Listing: I love reading, swimming, and cycling.
  • There is conjunction: I love swimming and cycling, but I don’t like writing.
  • There is an introductory phrase: Although I don’t like writing, I love swimming and cycling.

In turn, Semicolon is used to:

  • Glue two connected sentences together: We always visit our parents; we have never missed the opportunity to see them.

A semicolon is also used before a transition word: We always visit our parents; moreover, we have never missed the opportunity to see them.

Finally, a colon is used before a list, example, or explanation.

Seek Outside Help

Last but not least, you can ask friends or family members to check your paper. If you worry about your work, a fresh set of eyes is the most helpful thing to make your essay refined. Don’t hesitate to seek their help. Not only will they check your work, but they will also give you advice if there is something wrong.

Alternatively, you might want to delegate your essay to a writing agency. Such companies write model papers for students, which help the latter with their research projects. Competent people will proofread your work and correct your grammatical mistakes. You will get a polished and ready-to-submit document.

Wrapping Up

Writing an error-free English essay is a complicated and time-consuming task. You have to know not only the rules of grammar but also how to find and correct mistakes. Some of them are hidden and hard-to-find, which can make the entire writing session burdensome. Luckily, the mentioned tips can reduce your time spent checking the essay. Employ any of them and make your work worth getting A+.