lukasbieri (CC0), Pixabay

Graphic design has always been a very profitable and promising business. With excellent skills and work experience, talented designers have always had the opportunity to earn more than enough. But, definitely, if there is an opportunity to increase your income several times, why not take it and find additional sources of money?

Lately, many graphic designers need to expand their client base and work more diversely. Not surprisingly, this was partly the result and aftermath of the pandemic. Many even super-professional experts have become hostages of the situation and have lost their permanent sources of income. Therefore, we decided to collect several useful options that can expand the range of your earnings and increase your income in the field of graphic design.

Create and launch your information product

The information business in the modern world is at the peak of its popularity and brings very good money to those who organize the whole process correctly. Why do people need your courses? Very simple. Many would really like to master graphic design skills and start making money online now. They absolutely have no opportunity to enter this specialty at the university and spend 5-6 years on long-term education.

Therefore, such interested clients are perfect for short-term, capacious courses with all the necessary basic information set out in an easy-to-learn form. This is what you can offer. In addition, experienced designers also need training and new skills. Try to create a unique selling proposition to make your courses truly valuable and useful.

Sell templates and ready-made materials

Experts from the Design Bundles shared with us some really interesting statistics. They noted that templates are one of the most popular in the graphic design market. These can be completely different themes: templates for wedding invitations or layouts of social networks; templates for presentations, business cards or graphs, timetables, or visualization boards. Anything. It is much easier for people who purchase this kind of goods to adapt them to their goals than to create them anew on their own.

In order to know which templates your customers need and what is most in-demand right now, you should analyze the market or choose exactly the niche that turns out to be the most profitable. Using theĀ Master Bundles platform for this purpose, you can sell not only templates, but also fonts, backgrounds, patterns, and much more. Your percentage will be large enough and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to have an additional source of income.


If this way of making money seems to you rather primitive, then it is not. It’s quite profitable and relevant now, especially if you find the right niche. Many clients do not want to waste time looking at information junk and want to see only those materials that can be useful. Therefore, specialized brochures sent by e-mail can be your other source of income. Another advantage is that you do not lose anything, but only invest time.


We sincerely hope that out of all the options proposed above, you will be able to find something of your own and diversify your sources of income. If you are using your abilities to the maximum and increasing your efficiency, then you are on the way to optimizing all your income and will soon be able to earn even passively. We wish you creative success and career takeoff!