Trading and investing online through digital brokers revolutionized how people self-manage and grow their portfolios. Choosing what platform to use for this venture makes all the difference, which is why prior research is a must. 

The following review takes a closer look at StartChains – one of the leading digital investment platforms out there today. 

What Is StartChains and How Does It Work? 

StartChains is a flexible and efficient digital trading platform designed to make it easier to access exciting financial opportunities from home. It works with several leading financial markets, supporting most major international currencies. 

Users benefit from advanced software and valuable industry insight across the platform, with tools, strategies, and tutorials in place to guide them in developing their skills. 


The platform is free to use in the sense that there is no monthly subscription fee. There are small commissions and transaction fees applied during use, but none that are not well-documented and pre-agreed. 

Top 3 Features and Benefits 

StartChains is an advanced online broker and trading tool on all fronts. To help give a clearer picture of who can benefit the most from using this service, here is an overview of the best three features and what they offer. 

Advanced Analytics and Reporting Tools for Effective Account Management 

Keeping track of market data is a must for anyone who wants to have a shot at being successful in this industry. Following movements, trends, and statistics helps create a better view of the bigger picture and ultimately leads to more informed decision-making. 

With StartChains, all that is much easier, thanks to the impressive selection of reporting tools and displays. New users can find guides and tutorials on how to use the tools to maximum effect, as well as explanations for how to interpret and apply the data.

Excellent Stock Trading Platform for Instant Access to Exciting Opportunities 

There are varied investment options on this platform, but the bread and butter are stocks and bonds. Investing in company shares is one of the longest-standing and most traditional trade markets, and StartChains provides access to hundreds of options across many industries. 

Even beginners can learn how to make the most of this market using the excellent tools and training materials provided. 

Streamlined and Professional User Interface for Optimal User Experience 

Looks matter a little when it comes to digital services, but substance even more so. Luckily, StartChains has both. The user interface is appealing, approachable, and highly efficient from end to end. 

Are There Any Downsides? 

There is not much to mention about StartChains on the negative side- the development team clearly put a lot of care into building this platform. One potential improvement could be the setup process, which some users feel is a little longer than others. Also, some of the more advanced reporting tools take time to load reports, which is not a major issue but may bother users who are in a hurry. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does StartChains work on an iPhone? 

Yes- you can use StartChains on iPhones and most other modern smartphones. The mobile app is available in the App Store or PlayStore. 

How can StartChains users pay a deposit? 

The currently available payment options are:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Digital wallet

Is StartChains a global platform? 

StartChains works in many places around the world but is subject to local restrictions in certain countries. Please see the terms and conditions for more information about what areas prohibit online trading activities. 

What support is available for beginners? 

There is plenty of support for beginners on StartChains, including webinars, tutorials, reading materials, live customer service agents, and more! All the tools come with in-depth explanations on how to use them effectively. 


StartChains is a no-fuss, low-cost online broker that covers all the bases when it comes to efficiency, user experience, and learning and development. Become a member today through the official StartChains website if it sounds like the right choice for you.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.