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Through more modern approaches like learning online, you can learn at your own pace in a class where you are the sole student receiving all the attention. Online learning has made all forms of gaining knowledge easier. It is convenient and fits around your schedule instead of you having to make time and squeezing in the classes into your routine. To elevate your learning experience, try preply today!

English is the world’s most widely spoken language and one of the requirements in every job opening you apply. To get by in today’s world, knowing some English phrases can only get you so far. There are many ways in which you can pick up a language. Traditional learning includes sitting in a classroom filled with students, each learning at the same pace, including yourself. Other options include self-teaching through reading books, watching movies, and solving English learning textbooks.

We all know the struggle of learning a new language. It becomes harder to pick up a language when your instructor is not qualified enough to teach you. This is why all tutoring platforms present online must adhere to rigorous selection methods.

Why should you Try Preply?

Preply is your one-stop learning platform for all languages and their variants. No two websites offer the service of teaching the English language for either education or professional needs, but Preply has it all. We have tutors who are experts at teaching various proficiency tests and charge you an average of 17 dollars per hour. Even students who are living on a tight budget have something they can avail of.

We have a strict selection criterion for hiring tutors; each qualification is verified by the awarding institute. To adhere to quality control, no person gets treated with leniency. You can avail of trail classes with every tutor that catches your eye and can cancel subscriptions easily. You can leave a review after taking three classes, and each review is taken into consideration seriously. Preply lets you enhance your speaking, writing, and reading skills by learning from tutors that are native English speakers. If you want your focus to be solely on grammar and not vocabulary, the tutors can help you out by devising a plan independently made just for you.

With Preply you can

  • Choose the timings for your classes
  • Receive independent learning hours
  • Self-pace the lesson to your liking
  • Get 100% money back if you are not satisfied
  • Choose tutors from a variety of 2500+ available
  • Preply is made for all levels of learners from beginner to advanced and everything in between
  • Get the best value for money deals
  • And most of all, learning English as conveniently possible

Note that preply is not just for adults. Everyone can avail of the benefits preply has to offer.

Choosing the Right Platform

To have an immersive learning experience, you need to choose the right platform for yourself. No two services are the same; each has its pros and cons. It is up to you to make the decision. By making a checklist of features and services, you wish to receive; you can make the selection process easier. Certain things should be prioritized over others. We have compiled a list of things you should look out for when choosing the platform to kick your journey.

1. Compare pricing

It would help if you made a note of what you are able to afford and what you are receiving for the price you are willing to pay. In the end, you should settle for something that gives you the best value for money and does not break your bank.

Most platforms have a fixed prepaid rate at which all tutors are hired, while others let tutors manage the rate they want to charge. The average cost of hiring a teacher varies from platform to platform but often falls within the range of 15-20$ per hour.

2. Look at variety and qualifications.

A good tutoring platform will have a large number of tutors that you can choose from; this is a sign that the platform is well established. Numbers are not the only thing you should keep an eye out for; qualification matters most.

Every platform has its own selection criteria allowing only the most qualified tutors the chance to teach, while others are lax in their hiring process. You will want to settle for those that adhere to strict guidelines and have a meticulous procedure for verifying the authenticity of the tutor’s qualifications.

Some may say value quality over quantity, but you should aim for a balance between both. Quality education should not come at the price of spending a fortune; neither should you settle for spending a fortune and receiving unfortunate quality.

3. Knowing what you are looking for

This is a crucial point that will make the selection process a piece of cake if you have thought about it before. But if you have not done your research prior to diving into navigating online, then this will be a difficult task. Knowing whether you want a native speaker or a non-native speaker for a teacher and the level of teaching experience the tutor should have.

Moreover, keep in mind the number of lessons the tutor will deliver, what modes of teaching the tutor will employ, and, most of all, the purpose of learning English; these should significantly impact the choice you make.

4. Reason for Learning English

Each platform benefits individuals based on their needs. Reasons for studying the English language can vary from person to person. From wanting to learn English to relocate your job or to study abroad; others do it for the sake of knowing another language. It becomes even more crucial when you choose a platform for academic purposes since learning English academically requires tutors with an excellent level of skill set and expertise.

No two tutors are qualified to teach for the same proficiency tests. IELTS is entirely different from TOEFL. Unless the tutor has a certificate highlighting their competency in both, you will want to settle for one you require.