The MBA admissions process comprises of myriad minute aspects. Naturally, students tend to be overwhelmed in tackling this long and complicated process. Besides, MBA applicants, generally, are full-time professionals and may find it extremely difficult to go through the entire process, independently. Moreover, for an MBA aspirant, it is hardly possible to know the innumerable nuances that the admissions committee will consider in selecting a strong candidature for the program. It is to avoid such hidden pitfalls that the MBA admissions consultants work in close coordination with the students, guiding them in every step of the way. Specifically, a firm like Experts’ Global, that is based on the premise of providing dedicated service to its students, not only possess a bird’s eye view of the admissions process, which is needed to secure admits to elite institutions, but also accords holistic admissions consulting service to its students.

End to End Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consultancy system ensures that all aspects of the admission process are duly covered. Be it theme-building, resume-writing, MBA school shortlisting, application management, etc., Experts’ Global’s dedicated team can efficiently handle it.

Well Defined Application Process

Experts’ Global takes a structured and disciplined approach to help its students close their respective MBA applications. They have streamlined the entire process into a system of milestones, to be adhered to by both the students and the mentors. Thus, by completing one milestone at a time, students can comfortably track the application requirements and deadlines, without being overwhelmed by the process.

Guiding Principle

The MBA admission mentors at Experts’ Global understand that they are helping to shape someone’s career and take their role diligently. They see their “clients” as students or mentees and themselves, as teachers. Thus, like every good and dedicated teacher, they are also passionate about ensuring their students’ success.

Rich Content

The rich repository of self-study resources, importantly, is a unique aspect of the MBA admissions consultancy practice at Experts’ Global. The team has included instruction videos on various aspects of the admissions process, such as resume writing, application management, MBA interview prep, etc. These videos are empowering and the students can even opt to work independently if they so desire.

Team Quality

A team of highly qualified, efficient, and motivated individuals forms the backbone of the Experts’ Global MBA admissions consultation practice. Commanding encyclopedic knowledge of the MBA admission process and well-versed with the particularities of each school’s admission requirements, these admissions team members are masters of their art. Besides, the teams follow a highly organized approach to work, which makes it incredibly easy to maintain contact with them.

School Shortlisting

Shortlisting MBA programs from among the wide gamut of options available can be a tiring and overwhelming job. However, the admissions consultant team at Experts’ Global know exactly how to read your profile, analyze your career interests, and shortlist the perfect programs that also sync with your preferences in terms of geography, scholarship opportunities, and financial fit, among other factors.

Theme Building

The Experts’ Global essay-writing team knows exactly how to weave the candidate’s experiences and aspirations in one powerful narrative. The team stresses the importance of theme building because an essay should be able to represent the candidate’s profile in compelling terms, making it stand apart from the pool of application essays.

Clear Feedback

A distinguishing aspect of the Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting process is the system of proving feedbacks. The team believes that it is necessary to help the student understand his/her weaknesses so that the student can improve. The mentors, hence, are brutally honest with their feedback. Doubtless, this no-nonsense coaching may seem upsetting at first, but students have affirmed the positive impacts that they have reaped over the long-run.

Interview Training

The admissions team at Experts’ Global starts the student on the interview preparation process, the moment the MBA applications are sent out. This allows adequate time to help the student understand the mannerisms and style of a good interview. The training begins with a comprehensive set of instruction videos, familiarizing the student with the process of the interview. The student, then, answers a holistic questionnaire comprising of the most common MBA interview questions. Thereafter, the student attends a mock interview session with the interview mentor. The interview mentor ensures that clear feedbacks are provided at the end of each session so that the student can practice and improve upon the finer points.

Experts’ Global launched its MBA admissions consulting practice with the idea of approaching what is a highly complex and often counterintuitive process, with a clear methodology and strict discipline, both backed by thorough research. That is why they are the first choice for thousands of MBA aspirants, worldwide.