Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they’re not the only valuable piece of rock out there – and since it’s 2021, classic women are on the lookout for something less traditional. While personalized rings and a combination of two or more stones can be seen worn by celebrities, one thing is clear: precious stones are the trend right now. They are a pocket-friendly and sustainable option for young couples, who may find some even rarer stones than diamonds. We have come up with the best precious stones you can consider for your engagement ring. Take a look below:

1. Shungite Stone

The Shungite stone is believed to be at least two billion years old. The rock was initially discovered by 3 Nobel prize winners scientists for its healing element – Fullerenes. The stone inhibits 98% carbon, which helps in the detoxification of the body & mind. Shungite jewelry can be an excellent stone for your engagement ring as it helps to shield the body from EMFs heals and balances the body’s chakras, and alleviates the mind for positive thinking.

The reason why Shungite stone is so rare and extra special is that other than a few numbered meteorites, you’ll find crystallized carbon only in this particular stone. The power of Shungite can help add harmonization to your life, so who’s looking at that diamond now huh? Also, you can wear your engagement ring daily to get maximum benefits. Other than Shungite stone rings, if you are looking for some affordable options, you can try out a lab created diamond wedding rings; as you know, diamonds will always be the crown jewel of engagement rings.

2. Tanzanite Stone

Due to its rarity in color and nature, Tanzanite, named after the place it was found – Tanzania has become an instant favorite amongst jewelry enthusiasts and designers. The incredible shine, brilliance, and durability of Tanzanite jewelry make it an even more appealing choice for your ring. Its striking violet-blue tone will surely grab more eyeballs than you can imagine. It also carries the unique property of showcasing three different colors at once when displayed under natural light. Another reason to consider this stone for your engagement ring is the stone’s wondrous powers to help increase luck and prosperity in your life. They are often labeled similar to blue Sapphires, but the fact is that they’re considered to be rarer. Moreover, you will save huge bucks if you invest in this stone and get a similar luxurious and royal appearance as a Sapphire.

3. Ruby Stone

Want a stone that symbolizes love, commitment, and passion? Ruby is the perfect answer for new couples. Ruby jewelry has been one of the most sought-after stones in the world of jewels. Ruby is the best pick for you if you fancy a deep red colored stone with similar durability to a diamond. The color is rich and unique and can match most of your outfits, even with the opposite look of a transparent diamond. You can go for different metal finishes to match the tint of the stone – although a warm gold will look stunning. Women can wear it daily, without worrying, because of the hardness, and you can also get it as a centerpiece for the engagement ring with surrounding diamonds for a regal look. If you’ve always been eyeing this beauty but never got the chance to own this – then this is the perfect stone for you.

4. Sapphire Stone

Sapphires have almost the exact nature and durability as diamonds, but they can stand out as more precious and unique to their royal looks. Who can forget the image of Rose wearing The Heart’s Ocean from The Titanic, with its rich deep blue pigment that made most jewelers fall off their feet? A Pink Sapphire ring is equally enthralling if you want a softer tone, although it can be worn daily and will stand the test of time. You may even opt for a halo of diamonds surrounding the stone to enhance the stone’s vibrant color or stick to a singular rock piece encrusted to a simple platinum band if you prefer minimalistic designs.

5. Emerald Stone

What better gemstone to pick for your engagement ring than a stone that exudes royalty and romance? This highly precious gemstone is widely reputed among its audience. It is a green-colored, richly textured stone that can also do wonders in your personal and professional growth. With its stunning deep green color and different cuts, it is no wonder that it was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra. For your perfect day, give yourself this luxurious stone that ensures you and your partner have a happy and fulfilling life.