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Do you want a cleaner, more streamlined kitchen that is free of clutter but still has personality? Then it’s time to join the minimalist movement. Let us take back your space and create the minimalist kitchen you always want.

Your kitchen is one of the busiest and stressful areas of the house. Imagine the struggle you experience every day getting all the cooking and cleaning done. One way to ease your anxiety is to declutter your kitchen.

Minimalism is often misunderstood because it often borders between decorating the space with restraint and one that lacks character. To achieve this trend, you must know how to play with color variations and texture.

The best minimalist kitchen is supposed to be sophisticated, sleek, and refined. On the other hand, a bad attempt at minimalism will often lead to an incomplete and cold space.

One of the key elements in achieving the look is your choice of countertop. There are plenty of choices for countertops. You can find on this page epoxy countertops as well as its alternatives that include the favorite quartz countertops.

Before we discuss what would be the best quartz countertop colors for your minimalist kitchen, let us understand what minimalism is first.

The Minimalist Decor

Minimalism is all about clean lines, uncluttered, monochromatic, and simple lines. The main theme around minimalism is “less is more.” The palette in minimalist decor is usually monochromatic, and colors are often used as accents.

Most interior designers agree that minimalism and functionality often go hand in hand. That means a minimalist space should have open floor plans, lots of light, and the furniture is well-made and comfortable. All these elements create an inviting and soothing space with a timeless aesthetic.

In architecture, the proponents of minimalism believe that consolidating the content and form of a design can reveal the true essence of architecture. To achieve this, the design uses large geometric shapes and lesser colors to reinforce open space. This open space evokes a feeling of calmness and lowers the anxiety and stress level. With this in mind, your kitchen is the perfect place to start your journey towards minimalism.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Kitchen with Quartz Countertops

A successful minimalist kitchen design begins with the right countertop. And there is no other way to do it than using quartz countertops as the main centerpiece. Since the kitchen is the command center of your home, this is where the clutter began.

Your countertop is always loaded with everything. From appliances to cooking materials to even your kid’s science project, it is the most hardworking part of your kitchen.

Here are the different quartz countertop colors that would help create a minimalist kitchen you are after.

Dreamy White Color Scheme

When you think about a minimalist kitchen, white always comes into mind. Why? Because a white quartz countertop as your centerpiece creates a feeling of larger space, especially when working on limited square footage. White countertops can make a small space appear larger.

One of the chicest choices from the lineup of white quartz countertops is the marbled version. It will look refined and versatile to complete your modern, minimalistic kitchen.

You can pair a white quartz countertop with white or light-colored cabinets to create a clean look. It will also emphasize the simplicity and cleanliness of the kitchen. There are two ways to decorate this. You can go all white with limited decor or add neutral-toned decorations as your main focal point.

Add Pizzazz With Sparkling White Countertops

You can add some sparkle to your minimalist kitchen with sparkling white countertops. This unique countertop is pure white speckled with clear sparkles. The effect is mesmerizing every time the surface catches the light.

Using pops of color and dramatic lighting will elevate your kitchen’s appeal, as the light will make the white countertop pop against the background.

Black Quartz Countertops

Black quartz countertops are also good for a minimalist kitchen. This color is versatile and will set a tone for a unique and stylish kitchen. It can also be used to create a modern minimalist vibe.

One of the reasons why many homeowners choose black quartz is because it is durable. All it needs is proper maintenance, and it can last a lifetime. You can accentuate the black countertop with white cabinets to create a stark contrast while maintaining the clean look you want.

Go Deeper with Midnight Black

Want to achieve a more dramatic effect, then go for the midnight black quartz countertops. The color is dramatic, bold, and beautiful, just like the lady of the house. It enhances the kitchen space with a dose of glam without being too over the top.

The midnight black countertop is versatile and sets the stage for the modern minimalist kitchen that you want.

Highlighting Your Minimalist Countertop

Now that you have your quartz countertop, the next task is how you can complement it to complete your minimalist kitchen. We have some ideas to help.

Waterfall Island

One way to achieve a minimalist design is to incorporate large and geometric shapes that help draw the eyes around the room and creates an illusion of space. You can do this by incorporating a waterfall island using quartz. A long, uncut piece will create a seamless countertop that would pull all the elements of the kitchen together.

Complement with an Accent Wall

Aside from open shelving where you can display all your favorite glasses, dishes, and other kitchen accessories, you can elevate the space even more with an accent wall. Of course, it is made from quartz and placed beneath the open shelving to highlight the area even more. This accent wall minimizes the harsh lines and can create a great transition from the countertop to the ceiling.

Add a Pop of Color

You can emphasize the beauty of your quartz countertop with a pop of color. A simple basket of apples on your countertop or colorful plates on the open shelving can elevate the aesthetic of your minimalist kitchen without being cluttered.

Create contrast to your all-white kitchen using a quartz countertop with bold and dramatic texture or veining in a neutral grey tone.

There you have it, the best quartz countertops colors that are perfect for the minimalist kitchen you have in mind. Complete the look by letting the natural light in your kitchen. It will emphasize the calm feeling of your minimalist design.