The jewelry environment has seen Tanzanite become one of the most spoken about topics in recent times. Jewelry shops are stocking in on their supplies, and people always seem to have themselves fascinated by it. But what exactly makes Tanzanite stand out? Here’s a deeper look into the rare blue gemstone and some beautiful jewelry pieces that you should definitely consider buying.

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is an extremely rare mineral gemstone that was first discovered in 1967. In the beginning, it was given the identification of blue zoisite. It was renamed Tanzanite by American jewelers Tiffany & Co. after its place of origin, the country of Tanzania. The jewelers believed this to be a remarkable discovery for over 2000 years. Ever since then, Tanzanite has made some of the best and most valuable jewelry pieces we may find around us.

Benefits of Tanzanite

Although Tanzanite has become a widely appreciated and treasured gemstone, it is believed that the stone carries several advantages that go beyond aesthetics. It holds healing properties that can benefit our health and well-being in numerous ways. Here’s a look at three advantages that we can achieve from owning the Tanzanite gemstone.

  • Helps segregate emotions: Humans are dynamic beings with a varying range of emotions. Sometimes, it can become challenging to control and balance all of them and deal with our feelings. Tanzanite has properties that can help us feel calm by bringing a balance between different emotions so that we can feel more focused and relaxed in our day-to-day lives.
  • Physical healing: Tanzanite has healing properties that can help us combat physical health concerns such as skin issues, hair loss, etc. It helps keep these inconveniences at bay so that we can feel energized and healthy for our daily routines. It gives the wearer more strength to overcome any bodily issues they may face.
  • Improves intuition: Sometimes, we end up feeling uncertain about the next step, an event, or anything else in our lives. Tanzanite gives us the ability to be more intuitive towards different situations. It helps you feel more focused, think clearly, and be confident in taking the next jump.
  • Boosts mediation: Tanzanite has to focus on properties that help you make chakras stronger and balance energies. If you’re finding it challenging to achieve your meditation results, keeping Tanzanite close to you while you practice will allow you to feel more clear and more focused and help you reach the goal.

The Best Tanzanite Jewelry Pieces to Own

1. Pendants

Tanzanite holds a beautiful shade of blue, which makes it perfect for various kinds of jewelry. You can wear Tanzanite ornaments to add a pop of color to your outfits for any occasion. One of the most popular jewelry pieces that you must get if you’re looking for a Tanzanite ornament in 2022 is Tanzanite pendants. You can attach them to gold or silver necklaces and have the ornament stand out in a beautiful way. Pendants allow the gemstone color to shine upfront when you wear them. They are the best way to showcase the Tanzanite gemstone.

2. Studs

These are simple earring pieces but never fail to elevate a look. They do not overpower any outfit or take away too much attention while still giving you a vibrant feel when you pair them with a look. You can take the appearance of studs a step further when you add gemstones to them. For example, Tanzanite earrings studs are beautiful ornaments that you can own and wear with several outfits. You can wear them casually or with formal attire too. If you’re looking for gemstone jewelry, these should be at the top of your list this year.

3. Rings

Rings are beautiful hand jewelry pieces that can be worn as a single ornament or a combination of a few. Depending on the style you’re going with, rings never fail to add to your look and even help it to stand out more. Tanzanite rings are a popular jewelry piece in the market. The blue shade of the gemstone on a ring compliments numerous styles and can be worn on any occasion too. When you find yourself shopping for jewelry for the remainder of this year, make sure to consider Tanzanite rings, as they’ll end up being one of the most prized ornaments you can own.

Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful gemstones in existence. And with its supply gradually decreasing, it has become even more valuable in recent times. If you find yourself fortunate enough to buy and own some of these beautiful Tanzanite jewelry pieces, make sure to treasure them well in your jewelry collection.