person riding motorcycle on concrete road

The USA is home to some of the best motorbikes produced on earth. Americans started producing high-quality bikes almost as soon as they were invented, but the industry has come a long way since then. If you’re in the market for a new motorbike and want to go American, here’s a guide to the best.

A Note on Shipping

The USA is a big country and great bikes can come from all corners. Please take into account the cost of shipping when you are coming up with your budget for your bike. Moving a motorbike can cost from $180 to $700 depending on distance according to shipping experts. The three factors to consider are distance, motorcycle size, transport service type (e.g., enclosed trailer) and even time of year (snow and ice can make shipping more expensive).

Motus MSTR

The MSTR comes in hot with the world’s fastest pushrod V4. It has 180 HP and an impressive 5.5-gallon tank, meaning it’s an incredibly fun ride across both short and long distances. It’s the only American V4 on the market (normally favored by Japanese and Europeans) but it’s expensive, coming in at just under $40,000. For that price tag, however, you get a great bike that’s hand-made in Birmingham Alabama.

Zero SR

The Zero SR is a fully electric American-built bike that’s brimming with character. It prides itself on its reliability and trustworthiness, as well as its ability to perform very well. Even though its engine is electric, it can reach almost 70 HP and a top speed of just over 100 miles per hour. It can also do 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, giving you a nice thrill for an electric bike. It can go almost 200 miles on just one charge and charges fully in 3 hours. It comes in at just under $16,000, which is great value for a high-quality electric bike.

Rokon Trail Breaker

The Rokon is perhaps the least electric motorbike in existence, but it’s an all-time American classic. It’s been in production for 60 years and is perfect for the biker fuelled by adventure. It’s quite a hog and can only reach a top speed of 35 miles per hour, but it has a lot of power that comes from its 208cc single cylinder. It can tow objects weighing a ton and has hollow wheels that make it float (or can be filled with fuel or water if you’re going on a long, dry journey). It costs about $7,500, making it great value.

Harley Davidson. Street Bob

For all the Harleys that could make this list, perhaps the most intriguing is the Street Bob. It’s not your usual Harley – it comes with a 753cc engine that typifies its sporty muscle. It’s like the Harley Davidson team took a muscle bike, stripped off as much weight as possible, took away all unnecessary features, and still made a 650-pound bike. It costs about $15,000 and is a fun drive that feels light and agile with its mid-mount foot controls. However, you still ride it in a stretched position, maintaining your classic biker style.