Everyone wants to make cash money, right? One great way to do that is affiliate marketing. Today, I’m going to show you the best niches for $$$!

The Internet is a massive, weird and wonderful place. You can pretty much find an affiliate program for literally any product these days! You name it, there’s probably someone in the world that’s trying to sell it. Trouble is, it’s never easy to know what markets are good and what markets just plain suck for people who are interested in affiliate marketing. Today, I’m going to go over what I consider to be the biggest offerings in 2020 for people who’re seriously interested in making a lot of money. Now I can’t tell you how to build a website or even what programs to gun for – all I’ll say are that these are the places where people are killing it right now!

#1 – Gym Supplements & Gear

One of the side effects of capitalism’s ever-increasing ability to bring us tasty, low cost, high-calorie foods is that the world is just getting more and more obese. Plenty of people have realized that there’s a market to contain this by way of getting people to go to the gym in order to lose the extra pounds – or just to stave off body fat while they train to get big! The market here is dominated by-products such as protein powders, creatine, multivitamin gummies and snack bars that have all of the essential amino acids. The advantage of these products is that they’re relatively low cost and always in demand – everyone’s always running out of protein powder, right babe?

You can also look into the apparel side of the fitness industry. Chicks want to love sexy for their Instagram accounts and dudes want to look huge for the sexy Instagram girls who’re in the gym! It’s a killer industry and one that’s only going to grow over the next few years as more and more people try to get super fit.

#2 – Erotic Dating Platforms

You’ve probably come across a lot of ‘find your perfect partner today’ destinations: those are so last year. These days, everyone’s promoting the platforms that are almost exclusively themed around instant, no strings attached sex. People love honesty and yeah – intercourse is completely free of charge, healthy, enjoyable and anyone can do it. There is big money to be made with sex dating sites and associated products. What’s fascinating about this particular industry is that there’s actually quite a number of women who sign up for the communities. You’d think it’s a huge sausage fest, right? The reality is quite a bit different. Another benefit of these erotic dating platforms is that it’s all 100% digital – this means that there is only a marginal cost associated with signing someone up. Plenty of platforms are willing to offer commissions of 50% or higher for new members – quite the deal if you ask me. I’d say that in the last 3 months of 2019, my revenue in this particular niche increased by around 62%.

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#3 – Gambling and Casinos

Everyone loves gambling, right? It’s big with the Chinese and it’s even bigger with the guys out there who think they’re going to be the next poker king. Online casinos and gambling platforms are raking in the cash from everywhere – they offer the same experience as a physical casino, only they need to employ 10% of the people and don’t have a building to maintain! The only real issue when it comes to this type of affiliate program is government restrictions and limited options for gamblers out there to actually flutter. I’ve been looking into sports betting for 2020 since I think that the Olympics are going to bring in some pretty hefty wagers from people. After all, it only takes place once every 4 years – people are bound to go a little bit crazy! With so many different products out there in the gambling space, you’ve actually got a lot of flexibility in terms of your strategy too. Hundreds of casino games, multiple slots – you can practically make an endless amount of content for the industry.

#4 – Video Games

Whether it’s MMORPGs or sex games, you can always count on the gaming industry to offer you a good affiliate marketing opportunity. Based on my experience, brands often prefer to just purchase straight-up advertising in the video game space, although you can also find several products and services out there which are built on affiliate marketing – Amazon included. One potential program you might want to look into is the G2A Pay Partner Program: they’re a CD key reseller and since everything is digital and off-platform, you’ve got a lot of target markets to go after. Again – just like gaming – your choices for content here are pretty much without bounds. We’re talking game reviews, the latest news, top 10 lists, guides, cheats, and drama as well: if you’re in the gaming space and you’re decent at affiliate marketing, 2020 is going to be stellar for you.

#5 – Weed

Whether it’s direct state sales in the US, Canada nationwide outlets or just the distribution of CBD, you’re going to have a whale of a time in the weed business if you’ve got the traffic. A lot of people are treating the industry as the new tobacco business – people love their drugs and will pay good prices for good products if they’re available. One of the nice things about marijuana affiliate marketing is that there are a decent number of products on the market. Not only do you have a bunch of different strands, but you can acquire cookies, oil, and other related goods. I’m confident that a number of countries throughout 2020 and beyond will legalize weed – at which point, the affiliate marketing prospects for this industry are going to explode. Australia is well on the way to legalization, as is Mexico.


Okay, folks – that’s probably all the areas of affiliate marketing that I think are really going to pop in 2020. Sure, there might be some other things like fashion, web hosting, cryptocurrency and that type of thing that has potential, but I like the direction my 5 suggestions are going into. Disagree? Think something else should be on the list instead? Well – go ahead and leave a comment down below! Either way: I wish you the very best of luck going forward with your affiliate marketing adventures. May we all have an incredibly prosperous year.