Ever since Casino di Venezia opened its doors back in 1638, the gambling industry has undergone massive changes. Since then, land-based casinos have continued to emerge, further enhancing the growth of gambling.

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry. To further tap into this lucrative business, casino owners saw the need to bring gambling closer home, leading to the birth of online gambling.

Online Gambling

It is not until 1996 that the first online casino offered punters real money wager. Fast forward to 2021, online gambling is deep-rooted globally, with revenues that are expected to surpass the 77 million dollar mark by 2026.

Online casinos have elevated the gambling experience for punters by providing a variety of immersive games. They have also come a long way with game developers incorporating Random Number Generators to ensure fair games.

In a bid to enhance convenience, developers saw the need to create casino games suitable for desktops and online gambling apps for mobile usage.

In this article, we will compare desktop and mobile gaming experiences.

Let us delve into specifics.


Desktop games offer an immersive gaming experience. The use of desktops is popular, thanks to the array of games available. Considering that some casino games are not mobile-friendly, desktops offer the perfect platform to enjoy them.

Slot games, for example, are some of the most popular casino games that do not have a workable mobile version. That means slots enthusiasts may face challenges accessing some of their favorite games. As such, to enjoy these games, they need to play them on a desktop computer.

Punters who are looking for an experience similar to that of the land-based casino will most often prefer the desktop casino experience due to its larger screen size. Additionally, desktops have bigger buttons that make it easier to play.

Desktops are an ideal option as you get to experience the full extent of the game’s graphics and features.


The mobile gaming experience highly depends on the type of phone you have.

Two decades ago, mobile phones did not have the necessary features to offer punters a great gambling experience. The earlier versions did not have the processing power to handle high-quality game graphics. They were also slower, offering an unsatisfactory experience.

However, over the years, we have seen an evolution in mobile phones. Better phone versions come with faster clock speeds and an improved graphics processing unit. Also, larger RAMs and faster refresh rates are features that allow for an immersive gambling experience.

One great feature about mobile gambling is that players can enjoy their favorite games remotely. Whether it is at the train station as you wait to get home or at a friend’s place, you can play slots or any other casino game that tickles your fancy.


The remote gaming experience has improved over the years. However, for many people, it does not offer them the kind of experience desktops do. For this reason, many gamblers will often opt for the desktop gambling experience as opposed to mobile gaming.