Most online casinos use special bonus offers and promotions to attract new customers, keep customers happy and make them come back regularly. They are a big factor when players decide, which new casino to use because they come with a handful of great benefits. Here is a guide on which kind of online casino bonuses exist and how to find the best deals.

What Differentiates Online Casino Bonuses?

Generally, a casino bonus is special deal casinos offer their players when they meet specific criteria. Casino Bonuses can:

  • require playing certain games
  • require depositing money
  • require betting large amounts
  • require playing often
  • require registering a new account

They can also expect you to play and bet within set terms, such as wagering your winnings playing a specified game or wagering more than the bonus amount you would be winning. Naturally, online casinos that offer wager-free bonus promotions are more popular, since the player can decide what to use their bonus winnings for. A detailed casino’s review will let you know if their bonus pay-outs are wager-free, such as those at PayOJO. (Read an example of a detailed casino review here:

Other than setting requirements as to how you can win a bonus, there are also different benefits they can give you. They might:

  • raise your deposit
  • give you free spins or games
  • increase the prize money for winning.

Different Kinds of Bonuses

Deposit Matching

Deposit bonuses typically require you to deposit money into your betting funds. There might be minimum or maximum amounts you have to transfer for the bonus to (still) apply. In turn, the casino offers to match the money you deposit. They might offer to pay a percentage, the full amount, or multiples, depending on the specific offer.

Sign-Up Bonus

In most cases, the deposit bonuses are sign-up bonuses. A really generous online casino might offer you to match 500 % of your first ever deposit for a new account on their website. You start with adding $100 to your funds, and the casino adds $500 on top. Depending on the terms, you can use these $600 on their website any way you want. But you won’t be able to withdraw the amount, or the casino would’ve just gifted you $400 for registering without ever having to bet on their site.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are deposit bonuses that apply after your first deposit. Some casinos might offer 2nd or 3rd deposit bonuses and will match some percentages of your second or third deposit for a new account. Reload bonuses continue this tradition to keep a player motivated to continue depositing money indefinitely.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses might be applied to deposits or wager amounts. They give the player something in return when a bet or deposit was especially high. Typically, the casino offers better benefits (free spins, prize money, or deposit matching) the bigger the single deposit or bet was.

VIP Bonuses

Alternatively, the online casino offers bonuses when the player does not necessarily bet large amounts but bets regularly. Consider this as a kind of bonus point or loyalty stamp card system. The more you play, the more the casino rewards you with bonus promotions of some kind after hitting a milestone, such as the 100th spin on a slot machine.

Cashback Bonus

When you gamble and a cashback bonus applies, any money you lose will be returned to your deposit. Some offers allow you to use it as gambling funds exclusively. Others might even allow you to withdraw the money they paid you back for losses.

Free Spin or Free Play Bonuses

Free spin or play bonuses allow you to gamble without using your deposit. Usually, they are either restricted to a certain timeframe or a certain number of times you can play a game for free.

Free spin or play bonuses that are number restricted are great to let you test out new games without risk. The time-limited bonuses try to get you to play as much as possible in the offered timespan. It might just be half an hour, but it will get you invested in playing and sticking around afterward.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Whenever you will read anything about casino bonuses, it will probably advise you to read the terms and conditions. That is because you really, really should.

Many times, the bonus promotion banner looks great and promises tempting benefits, but there is typically a small * somewhere that leads to the fine print. The words the casino uses to advertise for the bonus are rarely lies, but they can leave out some important information. For example, the terms and conditions might require you to:

  • wager multiples of the bonus: the bonus is $30, but you have to wager 25x the bonus amount, $750 before you can claim it. In comparison to the $750 you have to bet, claiming $30 afterward does not seem as beneficial any more than the advertisement for $30 for free.
  • play a specific game in a specific way: the bonus might only apply if you spend money playing a specific game with specific game rules or wager amounts
  • behave in certain ways: some bonus offers might require you to contact the customer service and attest that you have fulfilled the requirements for claiming a promised bonus, if you never read the terms and conditions, you might miss out on the bonus

Rule of thumb: If a bonus offer seems too good to be true, chances are you are missing out on some tight restrictions in the terms and conditions.


Online casino bonuses are great. They allow you to play for free, earn more funds for gambling or win bigger jackpots. Many bonus offers are genuine promotions that will benefit you and in turn, the casino, when you are happy with their service and keep playing on their site. If you are looking for a new casino, it makes sense to check their typical bonus offers beforehand. However, make sure you find bonus offers with the right terms and conditions. A wager-free bonus casino is always a great choice.