After the legalization of sports betting in many countries, sports enthusiasts and gamblers have been participating in sports betting more than ever! Even if it was not legalized, the masterminds still had their ways to the sports bet. In fact, it is a whole distinct industry where a huge amount of money is being circulated.

Sports betting is another effective marketing strategy to promote a certain tournament or mega event and grab people’s attention towards it. Mostly, people who bet over different sports and especially international sports events are crazy sports fans and also have a good know-how of sports.

There’s the application of smart mathematics in sports gambling and betting. It’s important to get the right information, such as the current MLB standings. The very first thing that is required in sports betting is the understanding of mathematics that’s behind that specific sports. A fact to be stated, the mathematics that’s applied during sports bets is legit complicated but is the only way to stay ahead of the bookmaker. The goal of this blog is to illuminate some general knowledge about sports gambling and the numbers behind it!

So, before you can start betting on an online betting website like 10bet, you first need to understand the maths that goes behind it.

The House Always Get Profit!

No matter how much amount you are investing in a bet and whether you are going to win it or not, there is the bookmaker on the other side who makes a good fortune with every bet. It’s not the frequent bet losings that make the bookmakers earn money, but there is a maths behind it. Bookmakers acquire profit by Vigorish!

What is The Vig or House Edge?

The professional or say, conventional bookmakers earn their profit money through Vigorish, also known as Vig, or the juice in slang language.

To understand the concept, let’s take an example. There are two teams in a sports game and both of these have even chances of winning. If you bet over one team and it wins, then you can turn your amount into double. So in that case where you have two equally probable options, the odds of winning are 2.00 or 1/1.

But, no bookie offers such straight odds, in fact, you’ll be offered odds of 1.92 or 1.94 for one team and slightly less for the other team. So here, the vigorish will be 4% of 1.92 is the given odd for two equally probable options. This 4% is the bookie’s profit!

Regardless of the bet winning or losing, the bookie earns a profit over every single bet.

Choose The Best Betting Site

If you are opting for virtual sports betting, then you need to choose the best betting site. You could do this by comparing the best offers of different forums and then choose the best and most appropriate. You can also visit authentic forums like for honest reviews of different betting websites.

Let’s look at an example. You want to place a bet over a match between team A and team B, if one virtual bookie is offering you odds of winning as 2.00 for team A and 1.80 for team B, while another bookie is offering 1.95 for team A and 1.85 for team B. Here, the bookie with the least profit margins will be most appropriate for you that is the second one. However, if you see or feel that team A has higher chances of winning, then you should go for the first bookie as it is offering the greater odds of winning for team A.

One must consider the odds of winning for individual matches as well as in general. However, if you are not interested in viewing and comparing the odds of winning, then you must choose a bookie that offers the best odds in general, in that case, you won’t be able to know if you’ll get the best odds for bet you desire to place but it’s sure that you won’t be ripped off!

Comparisons Are Important!

All in all, the mathematics behind sports betting is all about comparisons, where you view different figures, compare them all with each other and finally choose the most appropriate for placing a bet. However, you need to have an understanding of reading the odds accurately.

Making The Right Betting Choice Is Tricky!

After grasping the understanding of reading the odds of winning, now is the need of developing an effective betting strategy that helps you to choose which markets, matches, and sections are appropriate for wagering. Let’s take an example where you want to place a bet between two teams, team A and B, and both have fair winning chances and are equally capable.

The first bookie let’s suppose offer similar odds for both teams. In that case, you need to explore multiple bookies and that would tell you which team has the higher odds of winning and is appropriate enough to place a bet upon!

Once you get the hang of the maths that goes behind online sports betting, your chances of winning become brighter. It won’t come easy and it won’t come overnight. It will take its due course but will come to you eventually.