The professional season is in full swing, and the LoL esports schedule on EGamersworld is full of matches for all tastes. The representatives of the regional leagues compete for the right to be called the strongest team at their home, monetary rewards, and a slot in international championships.

With the start of the various-scale competitions, let’s talk about the most successful LoL teams in the 2023 season. We will figure out what to expect from top teams and who will stand out among others on the outcome of the season.

T1 is still the top 1

The best team in the history of competitive League of Legends is still the same in the 2023 season. There is no doubt about it.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s club continued playing its matches in the regional LCK league with discipline, even though it suffered an embarrassing defeat at the last Worlds 2022. T1 lost to DRX with the legendary players on its roster in the grand final of the American World Championship: Deft and BeryL stole T1’s fourth Summoner’s Cup but not the status of the strongest team in the world.

With the start of the 2023 season, teams returned to their constant locations, and our heroes came back to South Korea. No one can oppose T1 there.

T1 showed the perfect debut in the first half of the spring split of LCK 2023: the team achieved victory in 10 matches and lost only 1. The ratio of maps won to lost is 3 to 1 – T1 won 21 maps and lost 7.

Considering the competition in the South Korean region, T1 being on the top of the standings makes it, if not the strongest but one of such teams.

Dplus KIA – will it replace T1?

T1 rules in South Korea, but there are other contenders for glory in the new competitive season. It will be achieved by Drpus, which significantly increases its chances during the transfer window.

Having removed the prefix DAMWON, Dplus revealed an updated roster. The South Korean top team and the champion of Worlds 2020 played it big, having gathered the most famous players under its colors: Canna, Canyon, ShowMaker, Deft, and Kellin.

All of them, as great as they come, will be trying to push T1 away from its leadership in the home LCK league first and then in the international arena. Last year, Deft made it, there are all preconditions to believe in success in the current season.

TOP Esports – the championship in China and the world

Let’s move from South Korea to the neighboring region, China. League of Legends is also well-developed there, and outstanding teams play there.

TOP Esports can be close to this in 2023. The club has been around the leading positions in the region for a long time, and it is even ready to become the best one in the 13th competitive season.

After the hurtful 2022, when Top Esports lost the status of the regional leader to its all-time rivals from JD Gaming and failed at the 2022 World Championship, the roster of the Chinese club suffered changes. The legendary Rookie entered the battlefield: the esportsman used to play for KT Rolster, Invictus Gaming, and Victory Five and won the 2018 World Championship.

TOP Esports do not need famous leaders, they have enough of them, but the arrival of Rookie looks like a reinforcement. With the Korean legionnaire, Top Esports looks confident at LPL Spring 2023, the biggest regional championship, and holds the leading place after the first part of the split.

The team will be a serious player in the international arena and compete with the titled South Korean clubs.

G2 Esports returns to the top of Europe

Amid the Chinese “tigers” of the modern League of Legends, the representatives of other major regions frequently are often lost. For example, this is the case of G2 Esports, which failed the previous season but is ready for redemption in 2023.

The best team in the history of Western Europe has ambitious goals in 2023. At least they will need to become the best in their home region, and they are working on it.

At LEC Winter 2023, G2 Esports confidently advanced to the playoffs, after which they began crushing their opponents there. The gained momentum allowed the team to proceed to the first international world championship in the 13th season, namely, Mid-Season Invitational 2023.

G2, with the updated roster, will be able to show what they are capable of: T1, Dplus, and Top Esports are likely to be their opponents, so the competition will be intense. BrokenBlade, Yike, Caps, Hans Sama, and Mikyx will need all the skills they have to not shame the name of G2.

The team’s success in League of Legends will be an image victory too. The team’s business is going well in 2023: G2 has become the champion of IEM Katowice 2023, and the Rainbow Six squad has prevailed at the 3,000,000 dollars world championship called Six Invitational 2023. It lacks the cup of the large LoL event to achieve total domination in the esports industry. The winter LEC title is close, the only thing left is to shine bright in the international arena.