These women prove that being a princess isn’t everything.
Godless captures not only the collective power of women, but also the strength and beauty of the American West.

Whether you’re recovering from a messy breakup, you’ve got a dream job interview to prepare for, or you just need inspiring to be the badass woman that you know you can be, Netflix has got you covered. There are tons of ‘girl power’ films and series on the provider; some are really just okay, some are pretty good, and a select handful are truly brilliant. With movies like these around, even with Amazon’s best efforts, it’s hard to keep up. Here are the best of the best girl power titles to watch right now.

Molly’s Game

Not only is Molly’s Game driven along by a powerful female character, but it’s also vying for a spot as one of the top 5 gambling movies of recent years. Sure, there are classics like Casino and Ocean’s Eleven, but this film just has that special something. Based on the true story of an Olympic skier, Molly’s Game dives deep into the world of high-stakes poker. Molly Bloom was beautiful, young, talented, and had the world at her feet, but that wasn’t quite enough. If you’re looking for a bad girl icon, then she is it.

Molly began to run incredibly exclusive, incredibly high-stakes poker games. They grew famous throughout the celebrity world, bringing in A-listers, government officials, and a handful of undesirable but wealthy types. These nights ran successfully for ten whole years before the authorities began to catch up with Molly. With just her criminal defense lawyer to back her up, Molly had to face abuse from the tabloids, and the rejection of who she had previously thought was her confidantes. At times glamorous, at times gut-wrenchingly cruel, Molly’s Game paints a difficult picture of a multi-faceted woman. For those who have seen it and love it, another story of a brilliant but undervalued woman comes in the form of The Queen’s Gambit. Swapping poker for chess and an altogether less criminal undertone, this series is another brilliant example of a misunderstood genius.


Godless captures not only the collective power of women, but also the strength and beauty of the American West.
Godless captures not only the collective power of women but also the strength and beauty of the American West.


Like your strong female lead to be accompanied by a hundred other women? Want them all to wield guns and take no crap from men? Godless is the answer to your prayers. Although this takes the form of a mini-series, it more than earns its place on the list. Based very loosely around a series of actual events, Godless imagines what could have happened at a deserted mining town. All of the men were one day killed in a mine collapse, leaving the women to take matters into their own hands.

There are two female leads in this film. One is the outcast, who lives just outside the town on her ranch and is misunderstood by the other women. The other is the sister of the sheriff, a fiercely competent woman, who accepts help from no one. The pair come together to unite the town in the fight against rule from men. It’s everything a woman could want a Western to be. If you’ve recently been wronged by a man, then saddle up for this one, as it’s one hell of a ride.

Dear White People

Women of color are chronically under-represented on film and Dear White People sets out not only to change that but to properly address it. Whilst the series takes place in a campus situation, it actually makes viewers think far more deeply than just about what goes on in college. The storyline is faultless, involving a clash between black and white students which reaches a crescendo when a wildly offensive Halloween party is allowed to take place. Yet if you take the time to look beyond the surface level, this series breaks ground that is far deeper than it might at first seem.