Video marketing is more than just making a video; you don’t need to hire a professional video production company first. Video marketing comes in many forms, ranging from casual conversations with employees to product feature videos to slide webinars and background chat. You can even take existing content, like an infographic or blog post, and split it apart into slides by using GoPro editing to turn it into a video. A video can be of people and things in real life.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing for the Holidays

While creating holiday video marketing, it’s essential to focus on your core marketing target. What are you trying to achieve, or what is the marketing thing that you are trying to improve with this content? Would you like to connect better with the cheery content customers to support your brand? Or would you like to concentrate on highlighting discounts and promotions to boost the conversion rates for your holiday sales?

Honestly, your answer must be, “Yes, to all,” Marketing goals must be set before making producing any content. Your objective will determine what content you build with any other marketing video.

For example, if you want to attract new clients, advertising your office holiday party won’t do much to pull in the crowds. Instead, entertain the audience in a fun and brand-relevant, creative way. Build a video that displays your product in practice or spread a viral hashtag campaign that directly involves your users.

If you want to engage your guests on holiday, add a holiday theme to a brand or product picture. Such type of video should focus on your brand, providing useful knowledge that your customer has already shown an interest in, but is still cheerful enough to smile at them.

Would you like to cultivate your lead? Your video content should be good, and you should work to close the deal. Consider a customer testimonial video with a small holiday feature. Perhaps festive background decorations or festive transition music; that will show your leads how impactful your product or service is.

This is the most comfortable time of year to fulfill! Create a video advertising a vacation referral or give away service. Not only will this inspire your followers to engage with your brand, but it will also create positive brand connections and more brand recall.

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3 Ways to Make Your Holiday Sales with Video Marketing

Year-End / Festa Promo deal

Have you got a year-end promo / Festa? You do, of course! Let it pop with a holiday video advertising the special offer creatively. The holidays are an incredible time to use a targeted ad campaign to promote compelling sales. You may advertise an offer to a younger segment of your market for the best-selling product, or give your experienced, loyal customers a special exclusive deal. Incorporating video ads into your holiday marketing campaign can be achieved according to your goals in several ways. Also, several businesses have experimented with shoppable videos that allow a more interactive experience. Shoppable videos offer the audience an opportunity to place an order or to visit the website to learn more about the product/service.

Digital Greeting Card

This is a creative way to let your audience know that you recognize and appreciate their transaction with you. For your email subscribers, you could make a more customized version, and add a general video greeting card to social media. While paper cards add a personal touch, a video card lets your audience hear your voice and see your face when your unique message is received. Such additional features may create an even more personal connection.

Heartwarming Social Promotion

While speaking to your audience, emotion-driven, emotional content is vital for the holidays. This is the time of year for producing heart-warming content that interacts deeper with your audience. Videos are now considered reliable tools for bottom-of-the-funnel strategies due to their significant marketing effect. The video’s versatility allows it to be spread around different areas of your campaign. It can be incorporated on your social media pages into your ad promotions, blog promotions, or native video.

As mentioned earlier, customers may be motivated to buy from a single piece of content by using strategies such as shoppable videos.

Top Tips for Video Marketing for the Holidays

  • Plan-create an annual calendar of seasonal material.
  • Make season-exclusive deals appear in your videos.
  • Impress new customers with content that is emotive or entertaining.
  • Whenever possible, customize your holiday deals.
  • Keep the focus of your videos on adding value, not just introducing new items.
  • Track video analytics that works and replicates a similar strategy for various holidays.
  • Have videos in email marketing for your holidays.
  • Develop short, seasonal video clips to make social media easy to share.
  • Use the video to entertain and encourage repeat customers in the winter holiday season.
  • Used video to better engage your followers in the spring and summer season.
  • Using video to cultivate summer leads into winter sales in the fall holiday season.