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If someone asks if you play blackjack, the logical answer would either be no or which one? For there is more than one kind of blackjack out there. This guide will introduce you to these wonderful variants that have existed for many decades and are now available online for you to experience. If you know how to play blackjack already, then playing these games will be a piece of cake. To those that are new to the card game, don’t worry, learning blackjack and its variants is the easiest thing to do.

Introducing the blackjack card game

The blackjack card game is the easiest card game to play in a casino.

You are dealt two cards from the dealer; the dealer will then give themselves two cards and one of these is face up so you can see.

With your card hand, you need to get as close to 21 to beat the dealer. If they get closer, you lose. Go over the sum of 21 and you lose also.

There are three moves that can be made to help improve your hand. You can split the hand to form two new hands to play against the dealer’s one. You can double down, which raises your bet and gets you one additional card. The other move is to hit, and to hit is to get free cards to boost your hand.

The cards retain their face value and aces are worth 1 and 11.

That’s all there is to playing traditional blackjack and with this, you can now play any variant of the game.

Why opt to play blackjack?

Why decide to play online blackjack over other casino games? Well, to give a professional response to this answer, here is Charlotte Fitzgerald, Editor and Chief of Casimoose who also gave us this link for interesting blackjack gamers to access more information and free games.

“Blackjack is by far the smartest game to play online and it all comes down to the odds of winning. In fact, casimoose.ca/games/blackjack is one of our most popular pages where the audience can learn about and play blackjack. Casino games come with an inherent house edge, the house edge is the gaming advantage the casino has or dealer, before the game even begins. With blackjack, this edge is only 1.48%, the smallest edge of any casino game. Blackjack is huge in Canada, but it may just be by chance as blackjack is something Canadian players would have played and learned going through college. In fact, not many people playing the game realize this fact.”

Variants of blackjack

There are a number of variants online and we’re presenting five of the more commonly featured throughout the top casinos online. These games are mainly found in the virtual gaming options, though you may be lucky enough to find them in live gaming formats.

Also note that if you want to play blackjack online and use cryptocurrencies to bet, then this option is available inside some, but not all of the casinos online.

Here are five variants of blackjack for you to enjoy inside these casinos.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Created in Atlantic City, this variant of blackjack is played with 8 decks of card. The dealer must stand when on a soft 17 and for players, they are able to perform up to four splits within a game. In these splits, you can double down. One rule in this is that aces cannot be split.

You do get an insurance bet if the dealer holds an ace in the face card and you can also surrender at any point in the game.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

This variation comes from Vegas if it was not clear already. This has a few similar features to other blackjack variants, but the two noticeable changes are that players cannot surrender in the game, so players are all in. And this variant is played with 4 decks of cards. You do have the insurance option in this game, and you can also split cards up to four times and if you have an ace pair, you can only split once per game. As standard with most variants, the dealer stands on soft 17.

Perfect Pairs

The perfect pairs variant refers to the game’s side bet option. This side bet is placed before the cards are dealt and the following odds are available:

  • Same Suit = 25 : 1
  • Mixed Pair = 6 : 1
  • Same Colour = 12 : 1

In the main game, splits can only be made on hands that are of a matching pair, you can double down but only if they are 9, 10, and 11 in total. The game is played with six decks of cards.


Pontoon is the UK variant and introduces a number of changes. First, the 5-card trick, this is winning with five or fewer cards. Played with a single deck of cards, players will find the moves are more strict. Splits can only be made with a pair of aces and players can only stand on a minimum of 16 whilst it is normally 15. The remaining rules are blackjack are integrated into the game.

Free Bet Blackjack

Free blackjack is exactly what you are getting. One of the variants that is available as a live casino game, this one lets you make gaming moves without needed to boost the wager you place down first. Players that wish to split and double down within the move would normally have to increase their wager but with the free bet variant, the house pays the difference. This makes risks less within the game. There are rules because of this, all splits can only occur with matching pairs and if you want to double down during a split then you must have card hands of 9, 10, or 11, with no aces. Plus, players cannot surrender.

Live blackjack formats

Live casino gameplay presents real-time broadcasts of real casino games played live with dealer hosts. Developed by the originator of the platform, Evolution Gaming, live casino platforms present blackjack in a way that is fitting of the game and all other casino features that are available in this live gaming mode.

Favored by more seasoned players, live gaming allows you to chat with the dealer and play against other players. If you are new to the game, practice first and learn the rules before you attempt to play for or with real money.