ManuelaJaeger (CC0), Pixabay

If you have a fairly large room, there’s a tendency that you can’t clean it every day and there’s going to be dust lurking on shelves and other furniture. Then your bedroom will eventually turn into a pile of a mess without even you noticing. That evidently will take a toll on your walls, floors, and other areas of your room.

You can totally transform your room into a better one by hiring a professional interior designer or refurbishing it all by yourself. Flooring, on the other hand, can be tricky. If you’re going to change the flooring, there are professionals as well who do solid wood floorings and will definitely get the job well done. So, without further ado, here are the best things you can do that will instantly transform your room.

1.) Lighting

Lighting is a significant element in any room, especially when you are thinking about creating a certain atmosphere— an inviting and relaxing one in your bedroom. If you want to make an impactful change, look to your bedside lamps. It can be as simple as changing out your existing lampshades or you can consider switching out your bedside lamps completely for elegant wall-mounted sconces. Who doesn’t like to read in bed?

Now, is your bedroom ceiling embellished with nothing more amazing than a lightbulb encased in a frosted glass bowl? That’s kind of boring! Switch out your mundane ceiling fixture for something spectacular. Look, a bold ceiling fixture will give the space an instant panache — might as well consider it. And there are almost unlimited styles to choose from, or you can even make your own pendant light, so you are sure to find something you truly love.

2.) Think about your floor

Like replacing out your duvet, changing or adding a rug can have a huge impact and is a fantastic place to get creative with patterns. Surely, you’d love to wake up to something soft under your feet. Feels like you’re stepping out of bed and stepping into a cloud. Also, consider adding an eye-catching thick shag or a vintage kilim. Rugs are a spectacular way to pull a room together and don’t be afraid to layer a few to give the space a collected and relaxed feel.

Floors are mostly forgotten when it comes to decorating. Covered with neutral carpeting or wood, your bedroom floor is entirely utilitarian, not a decorating asset. So you really must consider fixing your floor. Hiring a professional service will be a great start.

3.) Walls

Please, do not forget about your walls! A fantastic paint color, adding wallpaper, or adding artwork on your walls can have a great impact on the look and feel of your space. Art should reflect your personal passions and interests — plus can be uniquely displayed. Try a gallery wall, you can continuously add to it. You can frame special cards, source out pieces from local makers, and print beautiful black and white photos. Choose frames in a consistent style from plain black to ornate gold vintage. Creating collections and adding ledges that hang is an inexpensive way to display as well.

An accent wall at the head of your bed is a surefire cure for the bedroom blahs. There are multiple ways to make an accent wall. When you’re going to paint, go bright, go with dark, just go strong overall — choose a color that you love, that will excite you, and match the look together with two or three throw pillows in the same hue. For even greater impact, add a stenciled design to the wall or removable wallpaper.