Making use of the free sweeps slots and promotions at Chumba Casino is one way to keep up with the latest tech and software being deployed across that sector of the web. If you are passionate about technology and want to know the next best trends before everyone else, there are several resources you can use to do so.

Read research reports and press releases

Tech companies regularly release research, whitepapers, and studies. While many of these are “gated” behind a paywall or sign up and download process, companies usually publish a press release alongside reports. These include key findings, a few quotes, and a general idea of the capabilities of new tech and trends for specific markets and industries.

Follow tech news website

It has never been easier to follow the latest tech news. You can visit dedicated tech websites such as WIRED, The Verge and TechCrunch, or read the tech sections of the New York Times and other popular publications to see the latest developments in the industry.

Set up a news feed

If you don’t want to go to websites directly, you can set up a tech news feed. Cloud service Inoreader compiles news from a variety of online sources and allows you to customize what topics and keywords are of interest for more specific articles and blogs. You can also share this content with other users.

Mobile apps like Flipboard operate similarly, using hashtags to bring together stories from across the web. A few of the popular topics on Flipboard for tech include #innovation, #startups, #big data, and #artificial intelligence. The app then serves up content tailored to the topics within single ease to use a home hub.

Sign up for emails

Subscribing to newsletters will also keep you updated with the latest goings-on in the tech world. Many of these newsletters are free and are curated by people with a passion for cutting-edge technology. You will get access to all of these insights straight from your inbox.

Opt-in for alerts and announcements

There’s a good chance you are already using a range of advanced tech products and services. By signing up for new feature alerts and announcements, you will be the first to know when these platforms roll out exciting or essential updates. Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services offer opt-in emails, similar to newsletters, where patch notes, latest developments, and best practices are covered in detail.

Look to the open-source community

The open-source community is always quick to embrace new technology and to develop new types of software. Taking a look at trending projects on GitHub will give you a window into what may shortly become mainstream. That is particularly useful if you are keeping up with tech to improve your own business or you work for a company in a tech-based role. These communities can help to identify potential revenue-making opportunities.

Browse social media

Social media is not just for following friends, family, and celebrities. You can also use it to find trending tech news and listen to the views and opinions of industry leaders and decision-makers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk uses Twitter to talk about his plans for the electric car company.

Personalization algorithms

You can also use the personalization algorithms on social platforms to get an up to date and relevant news feed of emerging tech trends. Similar to news aggregation, you can log on to these platforms, and your feed will be populated with the latest tech stories. Google News and Apple News on smartphones offer similar user experiences.

Visit or watch major conferences

There are dozens of major tech conferences held across the US and around the world every year. These in-person events bring talented developers, engineers, and tech executives together in one place creating a melting pot of new ideas and product launches.

Mobile World Congress, for example, is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and is usually where manufacturers like Samsung unveil their latest smartphones for the first time. Either attending or watching videos from these conferences will give you a good idea about the direction tech is heading during the next 12 months.

Follow trendsetters

Reading blogs and articles from people that are already setting trends is another great way to find out about tech developments. You will find that many start-up founders and incubator directors are detailing everything they are doing in daily or weekly blog posts. They will also offer thought leadership and exciting insights.