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Are you often perplexed while calculating billions, millions, and trillions? Is it too much for you to swallow all those zeros? At times, these numerical quantities and never-ending zeros might be challenging to comprehend. Don’t be concerned! You’re not on your own. I’m sure there are many folks out there who have trouble understanding and converting millions and billions into lakhs and crores, or vice versa. If you want to determine the cost of building a house, you’ll need precise dimensions.

Consider the following scenario. We come across company investment prospects in both print media daily. Prices can usually list in international units, which might be misleading. When individuals don’t know how to convert these international units into other numbers, they feel stress. Therefore to avoid this stressful situation, we are coming up with this article.

Here’s a quick method to ensuring you’re converting your numbers correctly.

Tips to Convert Numbers

When it comes to diverse numbering systems, there is a lot of misunderstanding. It is especially aggravating for investors or purchasers attempting to exchange currency values. What is the value of a crore? What is the value of a hundred million dollars? What is the value of a million dollars?

It may be pretty perplexing for anyone, particularly countries like Pakistan and India, who are trying to convert a foreign currency into Rupees while also learning what a crore is. Is a crore the same as a million or a billion?

In General, there are mainly two methods to covert millions, billions, and trillions.

  • Manually convert the units.
  • Using third-party apps and websites to convert numbers

How to Manually Convert the Units?

I understand the headline seems intimidating, but believe me when I say that anyone can accomplish it. It has nothing to do with rocket science. It’s just a straightforward method for handwritten conversions. All you have to do now is recall the zeros.

  1. Conversion of Million to Billion

In the European counting system, the phrases billion, million, and trillion use.  One thousand million is the same as one billion. To convert a figure in millions to billions, multiply it by 1000. It is, alternatively, obtained by multiplying it by 0.001.

1 billion = 1000 million

To convert a million to a billion, use the formula below.

Million to billion conversion = Number in a million × 0.001

Consider the following scenario:

Convert 200 million to Billion

200 × 0.001 = 0.2 Billion

  1. Conversion of 1 Billion to Crore

Do you know how many crores 1 billion equals?

One hundred crores are equal to one billion. One billion in crores is equal to 100 crores. To convert a figure in billions to crores, multiply it by 100.

100 crores = 1 billion

To convert a billion to a crore, use the formula below.

Billion to crore conversion = Number in billion × 100

Consider the following scenario:

Convert 10 Billion to Crore

10 × 100 = 1000 crores

Online Calculators to Convert the Units

Life has grown easier as a result of science and engineering. All you need is an application or webpage on your electronic devices (laptops and phones) to complete the converting process. These calculators allow you to change international units into other numbers and likewise for free.

Although there are a lot of online unit conversion websites are available. However, in my opinion, Million crore Billion converter by is among the best choice for this purpose.

Million Billion Converter by Calculator School

Transforming money values such as millions, crores, lakhs, trillions, and billions to millions, billions, and so on calculation is frequently perplexing, but utilizing this online Converter will make it easier for you.

Among the transformations available on the billion calculator are million to billion, crore to billion, lakh to million, crore to million, million to lakhs, trillion to crores, and so on.

This website might be valuable to both students and specialists in the banking field. Depending on your converting needs, you may use it as a billion to million Converter, a number to million converters, or millions to the billions converter.

How This Calculator Works?

That is how you may make use of the Converter:

  • In the provided input box, type the supplied number.
  • Select a notation from the first dropdown option.
  • Select a notation from the second selection to update your number.
  • Press the button Calculate to acquire the conversion.
  • Use the Reset button to enter new settings.


Converting numbers to millions, trillions, billions of lakhs, and crores is a hectic task for some people. It becomes more challenging to translate a large number into other monetary units. However, there are some tips and tricks to do these conversions manually. However, with the advancement of technology, there are many free online conversion tools available, and one of them is mentioned above. Input the number and choose the unit to see the equivalent value in other units in this calculator.